Night time eyes

Good Evening!

Just popping in to share a card I made for my Brother who often walks his dog in the evening or at night. Initially I was stumped for what to do when my Mum reminded me of some different sized wobbly eyes I purchased recently and my Dad came up with the design so it was a real team effort. I love the way that your imagination runs riot thinking of what creatures could be hiding behind those eyes.

night time walk with the dog

Have a good evening!

19 thoughts on “Night time eyes

  1. Lisa

    I love it!!! It reminds me of a camping trip I took my daughter on at the coast. When I went to cook dinner that night there were all these glowing eyes around the camp site! It was 20 or so raccoon! Scared me to death! But they never came in the site, just hung around the perimeter waiting for scraps.

  2. JeanE

    Great idea, surprising how something quite simple can make a great card. This card would be ideal for my sister also. Wished I had just a little bit of your talent and ideas.

  3. Linda from Arizona

    Great idea for a card. I have tons of googly eyes. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us.

  4. Beverley

    LOVE THIS CARD!!! It would be perfect for my daughter and son in law who live in the country and walk their two dogs at night after work.

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