Flaky Gifts

Good Afternoon!

Helle is sharing six…yes six gift bags with us today each has a personality of its own with a change of colour and design. Helle describes the simple steps to change the design in your projects too, here’s a look at one of the six gift bags:

Take a look at all of Helle’s projects and let Helle know which is your favourite here: https://mycreativehideout.com/2017/12/16/flaky-gifts/

Hanging Poinsettia


I hope everything is well with you and yours. We still have a heavy dose of snow here which I’m enjoying, it’s such a change to have it this side of Christmas and it only seems fitting on the lead up to the big day.

Helle has been busy crafting and has created a wonderfully festive piece of home decor today with a simple but clever tip included if you plan on displaying yours in a window too. Here’s a sneaky-peek:

Check out Helle’s project here: https://mycreativehideout.com/2017/12/14/hanging-poinsettia/

cadre Mistletoe,,en,Le monde est recouvert d'une épaisse couche de neige aujourd'hui,,en,nous avons eu une légère couche de neige au cours des derniers jours, mais aujourd'hui est un lavage complet blanc,,en,il est comme le tout est à l'extérieur recouvert d'une couette épaisse moelleux,,en,Il est le cadre idéal pour regarder des films de Noël pendant que je dessine des projets de fête,,en,Parler des projets de fête,,en,Anta jamais d'imagination a un autre projet de zone d'ombre intelligente pour nous aujourd'hui,,en,Anta a créé une recherche magnifique et somptueux morceau de décor festif,,en,Voici un petit coup d'oeil-sournoise,,en,Alors que vous jetez un oeil,,en,S'il vous plaît laissez Anta savoir ce que vous pensez,,en

Good Morning!

The world is covered by a thick layer of snow today, we have had a light covering of snow over the last few days but today is a complete white wash, it’s like the whole outside is covered in a thick fluffy duvet. It’s the perfect backdrop for watching Christmas films while I design festive projects :)

Talking of festive projects, the ever imaginative Anta has another clever shadow box project for us today. Anta has created a gorgeous and lavish looking piece of festive home decor. Here’s a little sneaky-peek:

While you take a look, please let Anta know what you think: http://craftimaginarium.blogspot.co.uk/2017/12/mistltoe-frame.html