A new sneaky peak…


It’s my turn again for a design team post over at Team KnK so, if you like the look of my sneaky peak below and you’d like to grab the freebie I have there, head on over! :)

Clicky Here!

Butterfly Easel Card sneaky peak

15 thoughts on “A new sneaky peak…

  1. Eliza madriz

    Muchas gracias por participarme de sus valiosos trabajos.
    Dios les bendiga grandemente.

  2. Karen bourke

    This is a gorgeous butterfly easel card Bird….thank you so much. A quick question – will you be offering .fcm files along all the other ones you give in the zip file? I’ve just purchased a Brother ScanNCut and it uses .fcm. I can transfer most (but not all) .svg files to the .fcm format on the Brother website but it’s often the very intricate ones that it doesn’t convert properly.

    Thanks again.

    Karen x

  3. Bev

    Lovely, can’t wait to see a real one. I am so tired of cold weather. With the inside wings being hearts, it’ll make a perfect Mother’s Day card. Thank you for sharing with us. (I tried posting on the other site and couldn’t find “send”.)

  4. Jen

    Very fun! I have a couple nieces that would love to receive something like this. Thank you!
    I tried to leave comment at other site but submit button wouldn’t show up. :-/ so I had to leave comment here.

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