An experiment!

Hi Guys!

Some of you may have seen that I hinted at something in my last post that I have been working on behind the scenes, well, I can now share what it is!

I used to list crafting items that I had bought in bulk etc on the well known online auction site ebay. Up until September 4th it meant having to pay listing prices as well as commission on the sell price but since that date ebay now also take a commission on the postage costs too, basically charging 3 times for 1 item. This means that the sell price for each item would have to be increased to cover ebay’s charges.

My idea is to see if attaching an online store to my blog could work, it means that I can pass the savings I make from not paying ebay’s charges and commissions onto the purchaser. I have tried my best to keep the prices reasonable and the postage too. Ideally I would like to expand on what I have in the store so far but it may depend on how it goes.

I would like to stress that this will not effect my digital freebies, you won’t start seeing them appear on the shop for sale ;) I have said in the past that digital items will always be free on my site and I intend to keep to that :)

Clicky here for my little shop! :)

28 thoughts on “An experiment!


    Hi, your store looks very tempting but on a stash diet at the minute – pay day soon so I will be back to have another look soon

  2. Annette

    Id be interested in it .. as Crafters we all have to watch pennies!!! and why should you pay 3 times for 1 item!!! Grrr thats just dam right greedy!!! Your doing the hard work Buying in bulk and posting out!!!! They are doing nothing basically exept be a Host for advertising!!! even pay pal is a totally seperate entity!!! wonder if they charge them too?… If I where in your posistion Id go for it!!! Start off small and build up to as big as you want!!! As a Crafter yourself You know Good and bad buys!! So Have an advantage over bigger companies!!! xxx Good luck hun… xxxx

  3. Paula

    Placed mine too! Great products, great prices and really good P & P rates! Hope it all works out for you x

  4. Sophie

    What a good idea! I hope your shop will get succes. I knew your blog with your generous share, but I didn’t know you sended too. Good luck! (sorry for my bad speaking english!).
    Have a good day!

  5. Natasha Marr

    Great idea sweetie, and the store looks great too, very easy to navigate and of course the prices are wonderful, not good for a very tight crafty budget as it’s hard to resist temptation but what the hell;) Good luck with your new venture, i’m sure it will be a success.I’ve placed an ordered and look forward to seeing more from you. Hugs xNx

  6. pETRINA

    Congrats on your new store. Well organized and pretty, easy to navigate.
    I us ETSY as a lot of Artisans use it. You may want to try it as it is .20 cents to list and item and the listing stays up for 6 months I think. They do not pay me to say ay of this and I do not get any free product for saying this.

    It takes a lot of time to set up an Ebay item. ETSY is a lot easier.
    I wish you every success.
    I very much enjoy your blog and look forward to each and every E-mail I get.
    Just signed up for your store newsletter and so glad to see you will ship product to the USA.
    Happy thoughts,

  7. Debra Wattleworth

    Your store looks brilliant Bird!I will be ordering shortly.And thank you for your wonderful templates.

  8. Tessa

    SLICK. Normally you can totally tell when something is a start-up internet store because it looks out of date or whoever did the code didn’t know very much about coding. BUT YOURS? Love it. Very impressed. My favorite feature is that you can easily change the currency. I didn’t really have to look around to find it.
    Many props and congratulations!

  9. Annie

    Good choice. I used to sell some of my bulk buys, but as you said, it is listing fee, commission and also ebay (and paypal) takes fee out of postage. It is wrong, but ebay has grown to be huge and that’s why greed increases too :(

    Anyways, GOOD LUCK for your shop! Excellent resolution, and I wish you all the best with shop and I hope all buyers from ebay site finds you and of course many many more!

    Thank you for fab, gorgeous, great digital files, too :)

  10. Mary Roberson

    Hi Bird,

    Thanks for the freebies! Also, I think your experiment will go well. After all the fees at “that popular auction site” are at least 1/3 of the sale price! I bet the execs there are sitting around, on a daily basis, trying to figure out how they can charge more fees. Look forward to seeing your items for sale. Good luck with it!

  11. SparklyLass

    Loving your shop. I shall be ordering as soon as I get paid :)
    Thank you for your great generosity. Wishing you the best for your new venture and I shall recommend your store to fellow crafters. xx

  12. Paula

    Ordered on 13th Oct, arrived on 15th Oct!!! How amazing is that. Love the items, great quality. Definitely recommend to my crafty friends!!!

  13. diane

    Awesome store Bird! Congratulations on the new endeavor. I posted a button on my blog with a link to your new store and when I get a minute I will pin my favorites to my Pinterest shopping board too. ~Diane

  14. Paula Gale

    wow – this is a really easy to use website/store Bird – but I don’t think I expected anything else actually… so so easy infact that I place my first order with you and also set up an account. I’ve been wanting some of those sparklies for ages now – your prices are fantastic!!!

    That’s probably one of the easiest and quickest transactions I’ve ever made in terms of ease of use, time to set up etc. Are you going to be stocking more stuff in future do you know – or are you going to see how this goes first? Just wonderful!!! I’d place all my orders with you if these prices are anything to go by!!!

    Thanks so very much

    Paula x x x

    1. Bird Post author

      Thanks Paula, I’m glad it’s easy to use. Yes, I am hoping to stock some different items, it will depend on how it goes to how quickly that will happen but I’m sure it will pretty soon :)

  15. Candy

    Oh Bird, what an awesome store. Congrats! I will post a button to my blog. Your prices look really good, especially since I am in the States and shipping can be oh so expensive.

  16. Rhona

    I’ve been a fan of your website for a long time, and it just got even better! We’ll done you! Super easy shop, and great prices. Order placed, and I’ll share with all my crafting family and chums x

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