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Hello There!

Ok, I had 2 ideas going at once when I made these, firstly I’d like to start creating some patterned background cut files and secondly I’d like to make some really quick and easy cards that can be whipped up quick smart in the event that I’ve forgotten someones birthday ’til the last minute,  it happens to us all! So, for today’s freebies I have my first patterned background for you, I also have a card which incorporates the pattern and has a blank panel in the center ready for a sentiment then I also have a sentiment cut file ready to pop in the blank space. I hope you like them :)

Although all this card takes to make is running 2 pieces of card through your Silhouette (or your chosen electronic cutter) I think it still looks very delicate and detailed and hopefully would be well received. I layered my sentiment, popped up on some 3D foam pads and added a matching lining to my card but it would look just as good without these extras.

background 1 cut file card

Here are your free cut files:

(click on the links below the images to download)

Background 1

Background 1 Digital Cutting File by Bird

Background Card 1

Background Card 1 Digital Cutting File by Bird

happy birthday square

Happy Birthday Square Digital Cutting File by Bird

59 thoughts on “Background Cut Files

  1. Laura Maxwell

    Thank you Bird! You are very talented and generous. I have no idea how to use this stuff but I’m hoping eventually I will!!!!

  2. Tam

    O mine this is a very pretty card and thank u so much for sharing. I love the background. It reminds me of catheridal window quilt.

  3. Patricia Hall

    Another show stopper!! Absolutely beautiful. Thanks so much for the files and the inspiration.

  4. Lucy

    Yet again another stunningly beautiful design. Thanks so much for sharing.

    I was so pleased to see your work featured in the current issue of Papercraft Essentials :D :D :D Well done :D :D :D

    1. Bird Post author

      I’ve ordered the magazine and I’m hoping it will be here soon, I’m so excited to see what’s in there!!

  5. Linda from Arizona

    I really enjoy coming here and seeing what wonders you come up with. Thanks for sharing your talent with us

  6. Myrna

    Wow, these are so delicate and pretty.
    I love your svgs and hope my Cricut Expression will do them justice. Sometimes it is finicky and won’t cut delicate very well.
    Thanks a million for these.

  7. mandie

    Thank you for the wonderful cutting and digital files you share with us. You are very talented and I can’t wait to use these files.

    Bless you
    Mandie xx

  8. Diane

    Gorgeous card, awesome file Bird! You must have been reading my mind! I have been wanting something like this for the very same reason. Thank you for your sweet generosity. You’ve been pinned!


    This file is fantastic, I love the background cut design! I can’t wait to try this out. Thank you.

  10. sharron

    it is beautiful.thank you for being so generous. i cannot wait to try it. it is a file that will always be useful.

  11. Becky Jo

    Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful file! I can’t wait to try it out! Big Hugs!!

  12. Mary Ann

    Thanks again for the beautiful cut files! Your card looks so delicate and elegant. I hope my Gazelle can cut it out as well as your Cameo did.

  13. jAN cASTLE

    Thank you for this beautiful cut file!!!!! I will soooooo enjoy using this one!!!
    Paper Hugs,

  14. Michelle

    This is a beautiful background and I love how you show the end result in your cards. I honestly do not have the words to express how grateful I am for all your inspiration and brilliant files that you continually share. Thank you so much. xx


  15. Maggie Jane

    This card is lovely; however, I don’t understand what to do with it. Don’t you have to have a die to cut it out? Please help this confused old lady.

    1. Bird Post author

      Cut files are made for Electronic Cutting Machines such as the Silhouette or Cricut etc. I guess you could call them computer files rather than a metal die that you would run through a Cuttlebug or Bigshot. I hope that makes sense :)

  16. diane

    Thanks for all you designs they are just GREAT! I have yet to use a few but know they will look great! Thank you again for your sharing

  17. Karleen

    Just made several card with this design. Many thanks for all your hard work making me look good. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Judith

    Just made two cards using backgrounds 1 & 2 for dear friends celebrating their 60th & 8oth Birthdays. Added flower sprays & foliage and they look great. Best of all the recipients loved them, so thank you again for sharing your designs.

    1. Bird Post author

      I’m so glad they liked them, it’s so nice that something that just takes me a little of my time is of use to you and that you feel them worthy of giving to others, it makes it all worthwhile :)

  19. Paula

    I was just looking at my files from you – tidying the folder that i’d made, and realised the backgrounds started at number 2 in my folder. I knew there must be a number 1, so have just come to look for it and add it to my collection! Thank you so very much Bird. I have no idea how I missed this, as I KNOW i’ve been visiting you since before you would have posted this file. I was here back in the time when you had a few digi’s on the blog – and remember in particular the hot air balloons! Anyway, glad to say I’m up to date with these now.

    Thank you so much again for being so generous with your files and making them free – from the goodness of your heart – while some people are charging ridiculous amounts of money per file (when they are all too busy and old fashioned too)!!!!

    Paula x x x

  20. Wendy Torkelson

    I’m so in love with this look! I cutout the card with no issues – looks awesome. But the Happy Birthday part that you used in your square is huge when I print it. What size did you change yours to? Thank you in advance!

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