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First off, I’d like to thank everyone who sends me emails or leaves comments on my blog, I had very little confidence when I started my blog and you guys have made the world of difference to me, I value every single comment/message. I don’t always have time to answer every ones messages so I was thinking that I would make an FAQ Frequently Asked Questions (an idea from my fella) as I do get a few similar questions. One I get is about selling cards made from my files so I know I definitely need to make this point clearer for you, which is yes of course you can! There are a few other recurring questions too but if there is anything you would like me to include, I can’t promise to have the answer but I will do my best.

Ok, I have a different style of card for you today, I’m not sure what it’s called but I’m calling it a ‘bendy’ card. The idea is that the front panel is longer than the back panel so it bends outwards and the image/sentiment stays straight and appears to almost float on its own, one of the bonuses of the card is that it is free standing and is actually quite stable. I’m hoping to make different versions of this card for different events or celebrations so this could be the first of many so I hope you like it :)

I cut out my card in some burgundy textured card then coloured in the sentiment with a gold pen and drew a line along the edge of the frame around the sentiment with a ruler and more gold pen. The gold pen didn’t give the impact I wanted so I covered the gold areas with some glue and liberally coated with some fine gold glitter, any excuse to get the glitter out, right? I folded along the score lines then tucked the tabs from the front panel into the slits in the back panel, it is important to note that you insert the tabs from the back side of the card towards the middle so the front almost wraps around the card. I finish this card by adding a white piece of paper onto the back of the card to write my message as anything you write in the middle would show through.

happy birthday bendy card

Here is your cut file – formats included are ai, dxf, gsd, pdf, studio & svg:

(click on the link below the image to download)

Happy Birthday Bendy Card by Bird

Happy Birthday Bendy Card Digital Cutting File by Bird

51 thoughts on “Bendy Card

  1. sal

    what a great idea for a card, this is something I am going to have to have a go at, thank you for sharing with us

  2. Candi

    This is such a fun idea, I’ve never seen it before! Thank you so much for sharing it (and all your files, I have quite a collection going and adore them all) You ROCK!

  3. Diane

    Wow, this is a real fancy card Bird, love the glitter and the way it is displayed! Thanks for making a FAQ for us too. Take care and thank you also for the file.

  4. Becky Jo

    Love this card! Thanks so much for sharing the cut file! I’ve bookmarked your blog to come back and look around. Hugs!!

  5. Silverbutterfly

    Haven’t seen this before, will have to try it in the near future, thanks a lot..

  6. Sue

    This is a very beautiful card Bird. I’ve never seen anything like it and I really am impressed with your talent. I’m glad you glittered it because it is just stunning to look at. Some day I will need to get a machine to cut these files out. I will try it by hand though. Thanks for sharing! Tell your fella he’s got quite a catch in you :) Hope your week will be fantastic! Hugs Sue

  7. Lisa

    Thank you so much for sharing your time and talent with us.
    Very much appreciated.
    Have a wonderful and creative week
    take care of yourself and stay warm
    sending hugs across the miles

  8. Jean

    I have never left a message before. Thank you for sharing all your hard work. I think ALL your files are brilliant, you are so talented.

  9. LUCY

    Wow what a wonderful design! I love different things and that is definitely different – gorgeous!

  10. Marilou S.

    You have perfect timing, my son turns 21 on Sunday…this will be perfect for him. I can see your future ones for holidays out on the table or on the mantle to announce the special day. I may try popping out the sentiment by adding another layer. I don’t think my son would really like the glitter!! Many thanks!

  11. Sasha

    Thank you very much, Bird. I love shaped cards and this one is right up my street. Your talents have no boundaries x

  12. Jaccards

    Love the card – as far as questions how about what card you find the best on your silhouette (if that’s what you use) find it really difficult to judge, particularly for the more intricate designs – mayhbe also include pressure, etc

    By the way I am lucky enough to have a Cameo – was Christmas pressie from my lovely husband – he of the long suffering variety!!

    Looking forward to what’s going to appear next on our screens

    All the best

    Jackie x

  13. LWal

    Your Images are all so well done .TX for sharing yet another one of your excellent work!

  14. Debbie

    Thanks so much for sharing. Just found your blog recently, and I love all your cutting files!!!

  15. Lizette Lehmkuhl

    BEST site EVER! You rock! Thank you very much for all the work that you put into making these files, I appreciate it very, very, very much!
    Love this different style card. LOVE everything on your site! Thanks a million!

  16. Lizette Lehmkuhl

    I’m struggling to open the GSD file, but I’ll keep on trying, maybe it’s a problem on my side. Thank you, can’t wait to download this one! THANKS!!!!

    1. Bird Post author

      I’ve just checked the file and it opens fine on my computer, have you unlocked the file you downloaded with winrar?, it can be found at the top of the page here if needed:

      If you still have a problem let me know and I’ll see if I can help :)

  17. Jann

    THIS is so different from what I’ve seen lately. Cutting it out RIGHT NOW as I type on my Silhouette SD.

    Thank you!! Nice items you have here!

    1. Bird Post author

      What a clever idea and it turned out great! Thank you so much for sharing this, I love to see my files in other peoples hands to see what they do with them. I may have to borrow this idea for Halloween or Christmas ;)

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  19. Liz Fox

    What an amazing idea. What a creative person you are. I just got my Cameo for my birthday this week, and am soooo glad to find you.

    1. Bird Post author

      Yes there is, the card hinges on one side but the tabs on the other side just tuck in, as the aren’t glued, they can come back out easily so the card lies completely flat for mailing (or storing if you are using say the halloween ones for home decor) :)

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