Blank Accordion Card by Request

Hi Guys!

Following my Card for Mum, I had lots of requests for a version without the word Mum which you can find in this post. I have since had a request from arascrap on The Forum that I put a blank version together so that you can use your own wording which is a great idea so here it is :)

Remember to place (weld) your wording so that it reads correctly when the card is folded, you will need to flip the word in the first and third panel horizontally. Also I recommend that you cut an extra piece of card to cover the back to add some stability and give you a nice big area to write your message. If you wish to have all of the panels (apart from the back where you write your message) covered with patterned paper, you will need to cut 8 pieces of the smaller panel included.

Blank Accordion Card by Bird

Blank Accordion Card Digital Cutting File by Bird

5 thoughts on “Blank Accordion Card by Request

  1. carolina girl

    Thank you so much. I will write you personally for the 60th birthday svg. I have someone special that it will be perfecct for. Again, thank you for sharing your creavtivity.

  2. jacqui

    Thank you x was looking on c & c but couldn’t afford it xx thanks for doing this for us xxxxx

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