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Well Hello There!

I have been MIA for a week or so due to what my fella calls ‘plague’, basically flu. Its nearly gone now so I’m keen to get back to it as Ive got a lot of catching up to do like family Christmas cards, this years advent calendar and a boat load of gift tags. I’ve also given myself a bit of a challenge with creating part of this years pressies for a couple of my family members too so if everything goes well I’ll be able to share those after the big day.

I have a cute little gift box for you today, I took a while to get it just right so it should be a perfect fit when you put it together. There is a printable (template) version and for those of you with digital cutting machines there is a cut file too.

I cut the box  about 10.5 inches long, just short of a full sheet of A4 (letter sized) and this gave me a 2.5 inch cubed box which is a great size for small gifts like jewellery but also small enough to hang on a Christmas tree. To make it easier for myself, I decorated the lid of my box before I assembled it starting with an eyelet in the back corner which I thread some seam binding through to hang it with. I tied a bow in some more seam binding and stuck it down with a glue dot just in front of the eyelet, added some gems in front of it then made up a paper poinsettia from this cut file and nestled it into my bow with another glue dot. All you need do to put the box together is fold the score lines, add some strong tape on the side tab, fold the bottom flaps together and you’re done.

box 1

Here is your Template:

(click on the image to expand before saving to your computer)

Box 1 Template by Bird

Here is your cut file – formats included are ai, dxf, GSD, pdf, studio & svg:

(click on the link below the image to download)

Box 1 by Bird

Box 1 Digital Cutting File by Bird

Hope this comes in handy for you this Christmas :)


24 thoughts on “Box 1

  1. Janet

    This is gorgeous. Love the poinsettia! Nice touch. So glad to have found your blog! It’s added to my favorites. I’m sure I’ll be checking it out a lot.

  2. M. Shepard

    This is perfect and just in time for the holidays…you have helped me out once again to wrap those little gifts to hand out. The wrapping can make all the difference. Thank you, once again, for sharing.

    1. Sharon

      This box will be perfect for several projects I have in mind. Thank you for taking the time to make it “just right.”

  3. Marimer Gonzalez

    Muchas gracias, acabo de conocer este sitio y me ha impresionado de todas maravillas que compaten con nosotr@s haciendo mucho mas facil nuestro hobby y mas economico.

  4. Sue

    Glad to hear your getting over the flu. Hope you get better each day. I love this white box and I can’t wait to try it out. I bet it would be nice gift filled with little pricey chocolates, but alas I’ll probably fill it with peppermints. Thanks for sharing a wonderful gift box. I made a mini loaf box yesterday and filled it with cookies. If you have any free time please check it out. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  5. Jaccards

    Hi, just thought I’d drop in and hope you are well – do not need freebie, just drop a line to let us know you are okay
    Luv Jackiex

  6. Maryanne

    Have just discovered your site, lovely and such lovely ideas, my mind is already moving on how to incorporate some of the files, I was actualy looking for a cup cake box for my nieces wedding, so hoping this one will do the trick. I am the proud owner of a Black Cat Lynx, before that a gazelle, love my cutting machines, but I also now have a foiling machine and I am imagining some of your files foiled to give them an extra spark.

    By the way I live in Melbourne, Australia and have been making cards for about 5 years, all types of cards, love them all.

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