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Hi Guys!

Rather than answering lots of emails and comments individually I thought I’d pop a quick post up here :)

The main 2 questions I am receiving are:

1. Will you be providing the .fcm file format that my Brother Scan n Cut uses?
2. I can’t convert your “insert file name here” design, can you make it work for me?

I have registered for the Brother Scan n Cut Canvas software to have a look for myself at the problem that many of you have reported to me. When I tried to convert files which had a fair amount of detail to them it said that it is unable to convert the design as it has ‘too many lines’. I experienced this problem with not only files which contain more than one design such as my card cover 3 but also for files which contain a single design such as my background designs where there is no solution to this problem.

If I were to provide you with the .fcm format I would either have to:

1. Only provide you with .fcm files for some of my designs
2. Dumb down some of my designs and make them less detailed

To be perfectly honest, I don’t want to do either. I would love to provide you with your desired format for every single design I create, not just the less detailed ones. I also don’t want to feel restricted in what I design.

I am hoping that Brother will be able to do something about this issue and that it will not be a permanent one as it seems to me that it is limiting what you can and can’t make use of, which is a real shame!

                                                   **** edit ****

I have recently been informed that The Brother Scan n Cut is currently restricted to designs containing less than 300 paths (shapes)

My designs contain up to 1000 paths therefore at this time you may find that some of my cut files are unavailable to you but it is only a handful!

Let’s hope that a future update from Brother will rectify this :)

                                               **** edit 14/4 ****

Other issues with the Canvas Software are presenting themselves that effect the use of some of my files.

Please understand that it is for Brother to address these issues with software updates.

27 Responses to “Brother Scan n Cut .fcm file format & Canvas Software Issues”

  • Carol Willis says:

    Hi Bird

    Just thought I’d let you know that it is really easy to convert your SVG files to the Brother SnC. I have the SnC and I have had no problems at all converting the files. I’ve only experienced the problems detailed in your post for files like the multi-background files (eg. four per page) I’ve tried saving them as individual files, but still had no luck. But all your other background files have worked fine e.g. the snowflake background, which I consider to be extremely detailed.
    Caz x

  • diane says:

    I don’t have a Brother, but you are a real sweetheart to do what you do for us. ~Diane

  • Diane says:

    Anyone wanting to cut one of your lovely files on the Brother, but are having trouble converting, could try using the PDF version. Print out in a nice black ink, scan in and see if your brother can recognise all the lines that way. I have done this with a couple of files that I could convert. Hope this helps someone….

    • Christine says:

      Thank you for the idea Diane, I will give it a try. I can cut them on my Silhouette but it would be nice to try out my Brother whenever I can….

  • Susielee55 says:

    Yes, Caz is correct, it’s very easy to convert files from SVG to FCM using the ScanNCut Canvas website. I have done lots of them but couldn’t get CardCover3 “too many lines”. Haven’t had the opportunity to try it yet but am fairly sure the suggestion to print out then scan will work. Thanks everyone and thanks Bird, you are amazing!

  • June Langley says:

    Hi Bird, I have been able to convert your files in Scan N Cut Canvas, only had a couple saying there are too many lines to convert but I am not too bothered about that, I am sure Brother will come up with an answer. Thank you for your lovely files.

  • Karen Lingel says:

    Bird, it is just soooooo kind of you to provide us with your amazing creations day in and day out for FREE! I’ll take whatever format you have and make it work for me the best I can. Thanks for sharing your remarkable artwork!

  • marief says:

    merci de nous donner chaque jour un fichier, avec le logicil SSt designer , pas de problemes pour couper

  • Cathy D. says:

    You are so giving and kind to share your creations with all of us crafters. I don’t have the Brother cut machine, but I think it is sweet that you gave time to trying to figure this out. Your answer is wonderful and to be respected. I am so grateful that you have dedicated so much of your time to helping me make some of the most beautiful and wonderful cards for the people in my life. THANK YOU for all that you do!!!

  • Simonne says:

    Merci pour les magnifiques fichiers. J’ai la Brother ScanCut et les fichiers en format FCM seraient les bienvenus.

  • Nicole says:

    Merci pour tout ce que vous faites pour nous !

  • Lenoria says:

    Hi Bird, I agree with the comments above – you are exceptionally wonderful in giving so much of your time and free files to us!! I have used so many of your designs because they always cut so well even on my machine (older Cricut version with SCAL), I especially use a lot of the swirls and everyone loves them. I wanted a Scan’N Cut before this but now I think I will just continue using my old standby until it dies. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the wonderful files you share for free and for making even my creations look good!

  • Jackie B says:

    Hi Bird,
    I have been using your files happily with SCAL and my cricut until I upgraded to the Cameo. I have always been grateful to find such well thought out files and you have been responsible for many oohs and ahhs on my projects. Thanks for all you do for us.

  • Gaz says:

    Love your designs, some even work well as printed backgrounds etc :)

    thing that gets me about Brother is they have made their software to convert SVG to FCM but will not do it the other way, fcm to SVG – meaning they are happy to use other peoples designs but want to keep their designs to themselves, totally unfair as far as I can see. sounds like Provocraft & Silhouette

    • Maryanne G says:

      I agree, and I would never buy a silhouette for that reason. I will stick with my BlackCat Lynx as I like the convenience of using it with the internet and not having to put files on a memory stick to use as you have to with the Scan & Cut. And Bird thank you for offering your files in svg still, I notice a lot of other designers seem to be doing their files in studio only which means only a limited number of people can use them, unless you want to copy import then trace in lots of cases.

  • Amy says:

    Along with many of the other comments, I am so thankful for any designs you post! I get so much inspiration from your postings and the files are a bonus – they cut great. Thanks for all you do!

  • rk says:

    I am blown by your generosity and talent! You share wonderful intricate designs for free so often that you are my staple supplier of gorgeous free stuff :) Heck you have better designs often compared to the silhouette site. Your clear instructions on how to use and your gorgeous samples are truly inspiring. I bought my silhouette only 5 weeks ago and it’s my first ever die cutting machine of any kind…your site has been a god send to me. Thanks again for all that you do.

  • Sheila says:

    Hi birdy

    I too have had no problem with your files on my brother s&c. If I did I would try taking a print screen of file, dropping into my serif drawplus 5 and exporting to puter as either svg, PNG, or jpg whichever worked, then trying to load first svg onto canvas, or doing the other thing trace with ythe pngs or jpgs, trying all the trace options. Your tractor one worked great.

  • PaM says:

    I started with a Cricut now have a Zing. I appreciate all your hard work. I have only cut a couple things so far but they are wonderful. I hope you continue to share your talent with us!! You are very kind I check your site everyday to see what you have been creating.


  • jean Heming says:

    Thank you for the beautiful butterfly file it is georgeous!!! I cut it out perfectly with my scan an cut no problems. Anyone who goes to SVG cuts will find a great set of directions from Leo Koval on how to change svg files to FCM. He even has pictures!!!

  • Jane says:

    Thank you for all your gorgeous cutting files, have used quite a few of them since I got my Brother S & C, there are only a few which won’t convert – a shame but maybe in the future Brother will do something which will allow more lines to convert. The latest one today is gorgeous but I can’t convert that as it says too many lines. You are a star to share.

  • Judith D says:

    I agree with everyone. Your files are different, always cut well and in my opinion, better than those on the Silhouette website. I often use your designs to make cards for friends and family and they love them. Thank you for your generosity, you are an amazing designer.

  • Maureen Watkins says:

    Hi Birdy
    I have tried and tried to convert SVG files to FCM in canvas tried to unzip files in PDF but keep getting errors every time, what am I doing wrong? I have had my scan n cut machine for about 4 months and have not been able to do the projects that I want,I bought a beautiful card template to make my granddaughter her 21st Birthday card BUT I could not open the file .Am I the only useless person that cannot figure this out really very disappointed in myself.HOW DO YOU UNZIP IN PDF???.Thank you Maureen

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