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Good Evening!

Today I’m sharing the last of the projects I made with my little visitor, we made a fun Button Necklace!


1. We selected lots of similar sized Buttons from my stash in a variety of Pink shades and chose some matching 1mm Pink/White Twine.
2. We found the middle of our length of Twine and tied a knot allowing for a loop at the end.
3. I threaded both ends of the Twine through a large needle then added the Buttons giving every second Button a half turn, the half turn allows the Button to sit behind and this forms 2 rows.
4. We tied another knot in the Twine once enough Buttons had been added to hold them in place.
5. Approximately 1 inch from the last Button I tied on a Flower Button.
Note: The loop and the Flower Button form the Necklace Closure, not only is it nice and easy to take on and off but it was was also easy for my little helper to remember that the Loop goes over the Flower :)


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