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Hi Guys!

Sorry about my brief absence, I’ve been away for a few days as it was my Mum’s Birthday and I went down for a visit but I’m back and ready to plough on with my Christmas projects.

I thought I’d share the card I made for my Mum with you, it is an accordion card with a layered sentiment, I placed one word on each panel. When the card is closed the words are all in order and appear to be on the same level but when it’s opened the card forms a sort of tunnel with each word a step back from the last.

mum 60 card

mum 60 card 2

If this cut file would be useful to anyone please let me know as I haven’t made it ready for sharing because it is a bit specific.

56 thoughts on “Card for Mum

  1. Kristine

    This is absolutely stunning! Yet another amazingly beautiful design. Your gorgeous work always makes me smile!

  2. leigh

    hello…i would really love to have this file…most of my friends are coming up to this age..thank you …love love love your site!!!!

  3. Meredith

    Lovely card so well planned/designed would be lovely to share. Thanks for all your lovely cards and designs that you share.

  4. Claveh

    Wow, this is stunning, I love it, the colour is beautiful too. The cutting file would be great if you do get the chance, no pressure!! You have such a talent, I love this site! xxx

  5. Caryn S.

    It’s lovely! Perhaps if you offered the file with several alternatives for numbers? My own mother is well past 60 at this point. Even MIL has passed this benchmark! I really like the idea of the acetate layers. Brilliant!

  6. Beverley

    Gorgeous card. Of course I’d love to have the cut file for this amazing card. Thanks for sharing so generously.

  7. Maryanne graham

    Absolutely love this card and would love the template’ know a few 60’s coming u that appreciate lovely handmade cards

  8. sally

    absolutely fab, love the background paper you used, could you tell me where you got it from.
    my mums older than 60 but I still wanted to compliment you on your stunning card

  9. karenb

    Wow!!! What a gorgeous card!!!! I would love to have a copy
    of the cut file!!! Your cards are so amazing!!! I absolutely love your site!! Thanks for sharing your files and ideas!!!

  10. Brigitte

    Hello you have created a wonderful card – and as leight write above – i would really love to have this file…most of my friends are coming up to this age. Thank’s and your side is really amanzing. I love it too.

  11. Yelowflower Mo

    would be an awesome design to alter to fit the occasion….like Christmas or Easter with crosses or something….would love that file to give me a jumping off point. I am so new to designing that I need all the help I can get and YOU are so talented! Thank you for sharing that talent!

  12. Audrey

    It is a lovely card and yes please I would like the instructions and if possible with different numbers because like me a lot of my friends and family are already or will be reaching the magic age soon.
    Thank you.

  13. KATH

    This card is so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing, would love this cut file. Your designs are always stunning.

  14. Becky

    WOW! Your talent is awe inspiring!

    This is absolutely stunning!

    Your choice of the softly muted background printed paper, the delicate looking seam binding and the fanciful lettering made this card come together in such a soft and feminine way. I know your mother had to just adore her card.

    One question, could you please tell me what font you used for the 60th and Mum?

  15. bck

    This is really beautiful! Yes, please share the file and please tell us what font you used for the 60th!!!!

  16. Kpiierce

    I would love this file. It is stunning. I am sure your mom loved the card. If you tell me the font I might be able to change the 60 to other years for more versatility but not necessary info.


  17. Maureen

    Beautiful card. You are so talented. I really enjoy your work and thank you so much for sharing your files. i would love to have this one as well.

  18. Myrna

    Wow such a gorgeous elegant card. The colors are so soft and feminine. I bet your mom will treasure it.
    My mom has passed.
    I think this kind of file would really make a hit with just Happy Birthday or Anniversary on it.
    You are so clever and I love your blog.

  19. Diane

    This is one of your best cards Bird! I love the whole composition and yes since I hit the same mile marker most of my friends are on the way there too. I would love the cut file for this!

  20. Nelleke

    This ia a great card, my mom has next month her birthday.
    I would be very pleased to suprise with this card.
    I love to have the cut file.

  21. Barbara

    What an absolutely stunning card this is! Everything you do is just beautiful. Thank you for all that you do and share with your many fans; your generosity is so very much appreciated!

  22. Sheree

    Another gorgeous card. We say “mom” on this side of the pond but any Mother would love this. My mom would especially love a Happy 60th since she just turned 87 on the 24th! Love your cards.

  23. Debbie Jones

    Wow, that is so clever. I just recently found your site and I have to say, you are very talented and it is so wonderful that you share your clever, innovative designs. I am amazed everytime I see what you have come up with next! I would love to have that file and how you put it together. Thank you so much for sharing.

  24. Jocelan

    I love the card and would love to have the cut file.I’m sure your Mum loved it.
    Thanks for all that you share with us.

  25. Peggy

    Love this card concept it is beautiful. I would love to have it if you would consider sharing. Your site is my best resource for files and ideas.
    Thank you for all your shares!!!

  26. Gail

    I would love to have the file..Do you have the name of number font so that I could change the number please? Thanks, your card was wonderful!

  27. mary

    This card is sooooooooo pretty and elegant. Would you plase share font are you using? It is perfect for so many different occasions.

    Would love to have this file. You are so talented, and very nice to share with us.

  28. yup

    You truely are talented. Love everything you do. If this file does become one of your shares, I’ll be one of the first to download.

  29. Mary O'Neal

    I just came across your website. I am loving it. You are quite a talented lady.
    I would love to have a cut file or a video tutorial for this amazing card.
    I will be hooked on this site for sure.

  30. Mandishella

    What an amazing card, I would love to have a copy of your cutting file if possible please, you’re very talented.

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