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Homemade Chalk Paint

Hey Guys!

I love a Before and After picture, so here’s one for you:


I like to visit my local Carboot Sale at the Weekends and recently picked up a small unit that I wanted to paint. It was covered in varnish and I made a bit of a mess of the drawer front trying to get the existing paint and varnish out of the nooks and crannies. I heard that Chalk Paint covers varnish with no problem and apparently you can even paint onto non-porous surfaces, such as, plastic, glass and metal.

I found the price of Chalk Paint to be really quite high, around £20 for a litre, cheaper alternatives to the brand names could only save me a couple of pounds. I figured that there must be a way to make this stuff ourselves, there must be some kind of chalk powder to add to normal paint, right?

Well, Yes there is, I found a couple of articles where people had made their own from a powder that has a couple of different names. I looked for this ‘Calcium Carbonate’ or ‘Limestone Powder’ on Ebay and chose a 500g bag for £3.99, the seller said it would make up to 10 litres of Chalk Paint, that’s much more like it!

Following the articles I read on DIY Chalk Paint, I added some water to my powder to form a paste then added my paint. 2 of the articles gave different ratios so I chose the midway point between the 2 and used a ratio of 1 part powder to 3 parts paint although I think 4 parts paint would work well too. I used regular white emulsion paint which also makes it nice and easy to create a distressed look by just rubbing the edges of my furniture with a damp cloth, you don’t need to use any sandpaper. However, if your finished piece is likely to come into contact with water or is going to be handled you will probably need to add a top coat of wax or clear varnish.

Once you have your white chalk paint made, you can take small portions and add your re-inkers or spritzes to it to create your own collection of coloured chalk paints ready for any craft project.

Celtic Stencils

Good Morning Guys!

I’ve added a set of 9 Celtic themed Stencil SVGs and Storage Envelope to the Store. 5 of the designs echo the cards in the Celtic Charm Collection but there are 4 extra designs including a second Celtic Cross, a square Knotwork Frame and 2 Knotwork blocks:


These stencils can be cut from stencil material like Mylar or just from regular Acetate that you may already have in your stash or even plastic packaging.

I recommend using a thicker plastic for dry embossing (with your die cutting machines) or adhere 2 thinner stencils together to acheive a deeper emboss. I recommend using thinner plastics when you wish to ink through your stencil with a blending tool to acheive a crisper edge.

When you ink, paint, spray, paste or glitter through your stencil you may need to add a little repositionable adhesive to the underside of your Stencil to acheive crisp results and avoid leakage, I used Stick and Spray by Crafters Companion.


If you chose to cut all of your Stencils at the provided size you can store them in the Storage Envelope included in the collection:

There are so many fun and inspiring stencil techniques on the internet which I encourage you to take a look at but I thought I’d share a few of my favourites:


The Celtic Stencil SVG Collection will be on Special for the first week of sale at $1.99/£1.38, you can find it in my SVG Store here: Celtic Stencil SVG Collection

Doily Sewing Machine Card

Good Afternoon!

Q: What do you get when you cross this card from the For My Mum Collection…


with this card from the Seamstress Collection?

The Sewing Machine Stand Card

A: This card…


This is a card I made for my Mum but I wanted to share it with you and encourage you to play around with my files.

Change up the colours and Swap elements of one project in a collection with other elements in the same collection, with elements from other collections altogether (as I have done here with a little re-sizing) or even with files from my freebie archive, then bring them together to make your projects work for you!

It makes me so happy to see what you all make with my files so if you’re on facebook do feel free to share your creations, I would love to see them :)


…the photo bomber is back!