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Hi Guys!

Rather than answering lots of emails and comments individually I thought I’d pop a quick post up here :)

The main 2 questions I am receiving are:

1. Will you be providing the .fcm file format that my Brother Scan n Cut uses?
2. I can’t convert your “insert file name here” design, can you make it work for me?

I have registered for the Brother Scan n Cut Canvas software to have a look for myself at the problem that many of you have reported to me. When I tried to convert files which had a fair amount of detail to them it said that it is unable to convert the design as it has ‘too many lines’. I experienced this problem with not only files which contain more than one design such as my card cover 3 but also for files which contain a single design such as my background designs where there is no solution to this problem.

If I were to provide you with the .fcm format I would either have to:

1. Only provide you with .fcm files for some of my designs
2. Dumb down some of my designs and make them less detailed

To be perfectly honest, I don’t want to do either. I would love to provide you with your desired format for every single design I create, not just the less detailed ones. I also don’t want to feel restricted in what I design.

I am hoping that Brother will be able to do something about this issue and that it will not be a permanent one as it seems to me that it is limiting what you can and can’t make use of, which is a real shame!

                                                   **** edit ****

I have recently been informed that The Brother Scan n Cut is currently restricted to designs containing less than 300 paths (shapes)

My designs contain up to 1000 paths therefore at this time you may find that some of my cut files are unavailable to you but it is only a handful!

Let’s hope that a future update from Brother will rectify this :)

                                               **** edit 14/4 ****

Other issues with the Canvas Software are presenting themselves that effect the use of some of my files.

Please understand that it is for Brother to address these issues with software updates.


It’s my turn again for a design team post over at Team KnK so, if you like the look of my sneaky peak below and you’d like to grab the freebie I have there, head on over! :)

Clicky Here!

Butterfly Easel Card sneaky peak


I get regular questions asking how I get a good cut on intricate designs so I thought I’d pop in to share what I had just sent to someone in an email. Here’s a few quick tips that help me to get a good cut on my Zing, you may have a different machine but it still might be helpful :)

Mat: My mat has to be pretty sticky to hold the paper/card nice and secure

Blade: Yes we need a fairly sharp blade but it doesn’t need to be brand new

Blade Exposure: Don’t have too much of your blade exposed as the blade snagging in the mat can cause tears, it feels weird to reduce the amount of exposed blade to get a better cut but it does work.

Material: The paper or card you use can play quite a big part, I normally use approx 160gsm for my most intricate cuts (approx 65lbs) which is kind of the middle ground between card and heavyweight paper but if it is fibrous with a rough feeling finish then it could rip and tear terribly, I like to use a very smooth coated card I find it works great for me (I’ve been using Xerox Colour Impressions 160gsm, I buy it in reams). Also if you can get hold of Worldwin Cutmates which is approx 65lbs, that cuts great too, I love that stuff and it comes in lots of colours too.

It’s a flying visit but I’ll be back with a new project shortly :)