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Good Morning!

After these recent events, I posted saying that my terms of use may have to change. I have always tried to make my terms as fair as possible but there’s always someone trying to take advantage and ruin things for everyone else. Unfortunately I am now forced to tighten my terms and take the more heavy handed approach that I have deliberately avoided all of these years.

I have chosen this version of the Creative Commons License which will apply from today onwards.

What it basically means is:

If you make cards etc for friends and family, nothing will change for you.
If you post your cards etc to a blog, appropriate credit would be something like a link to my site.
If you sell your cards etc, this license does not allow for any commercial uses.
however, I might be able to lift the commercial restrictions for you individually:
If, for example, you sell a few cards at a craft fair, school fete or have a box of cards on your desk at work etc, you can contact me and I’m sure we can sort something out :)

On the whole I don’t expect the new terms to effect many of you but if you aren’t sure about anything or have any questions feel free to contact me:


It’s my turn again over at The Team KnK Design Team Blog and today I have made some Cupcake Wrappers, just to tease you here is one of the 4 designs available:


Clicky Here

I wanted to let you all know just how completely awesome you are and to thank you so very much for all of your support, it has meant the absolute world to me. I have been flooded with the most fantastic emails, helpful suggestions, kind comments and amazing acts of support – so much so – that you have completely floored me!

I was kind of aware of how many people could be reading my blog but the amount of contact I have had over these last few days has really made it hit home, it feels a little overwhelming that so many people were actually following my little corner of blog-land.

I have read stories from some of you that unfortunately have had to face similar issues and some who are still facing them, it is truly awful and although it is heartbreaking we can’t let it break our spirit (easier said than done, I know) and we can’t let it stop us from standing up for ourselves :)

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