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Large Flower Card – 3 ways!

Hi Guys!

I’m sharing another of my Team KnK projects here today and popping the files into my archives, if you’ve not seen it before…enjoy! :)

Today I will use one Cut File (supplied at the end of the post) to create 3 different card looks armed with just my cutting machine and a few basic supplies.


Card 1: This is a super quick yet effective card to whip up when you need a card asap.

I lined up one of the oval shapes onto the card base, I chose one of the fonts to form the word ‘Hello’ then cut both pieces from some kraft card:


I folded my card in half then placed the ‘Hello’ inside the oval window and glued it to the inside of the card:


Card 2: I used white vellum for my large solid (sandwich) piece to add some softness to this card but coloured vellum or acetate could be used for different looks.

From yellow card I cut the card base, the extra flower outline piece, the label outline shape and the word ‘Mum’. From vellum I cut the large solid layer and the larger label shape:


I glued my vellum to the back of the front outline pieces:


These pieces can now be flipped over and glued to the card base sandwiching the vellum between the layers, this ensures that the inside of your card is as neat as the outside:


As I didn’t create a window in the card base this time I can add my sentiment to my label shape without it looking messy on the inside of the card:


Card 3: Inside the cut file you will find smaller solid (sandwich) pieces which allow you to use different colours for your flower and leaf pieces.

From black card I cut the card base, the extra flower outline piece and the banner outline shape. From pink card I cut the solid flower piece and the larger banner shape. From green card I cut the solid leaf pieces:


I glued my coloured pieces to the back of the front outines then added a sentiment to my banner:


I flipped my flower piece over and glued it to the card base and sandwiched it between the black card layers to keep my card neat inside and out. I added my banner to the card with 3D foam tape:


The middle of my flower was calling out for a button, as I’m not using vellum here it won’t show through:


Negative Pieces: Do you usually throw your negative pieces away? How about saving them to make some tags? Here is the tag cut file I used:


Here’s your Free Cut File – Formats include ai, dxf, gsd, mtc, pdf, studio & svg:
(click on the link below the image to download)

Large Flower Card by Bird

Large Flower Card Digital Cutting File by Bird

Embossing with Cut Files


We’re adding some more shelving in my craft room at the moment and having a bit of a re-organise too which means that it’s not suitable for crafting in here this week, the cutting machines aren’t even connected to my computer. So, I don’t have any new projects for you right now but It does give me a chance to move some of my projects over from Team KnK to add the files to my archives, maybe there will be something you haven’t seen before :)

Today’s post is about embossing with cut files, I previously did a similar tutorial here if you’d like to check it out.

I love the look of embossing on cardstock especially for those really special cards such as Wedding and Christening cards, it adds a tactile quality to your cards and makes them look expensive too!

Today I will show you how I emboss using cut files, this is yet another way that having a Cutting Machine can save me money as I no longer have to purchase Embossing Folders to achieve these dimensional effects ;)

Pic 1. I cut my chosen background design from some heavyweight cardstock, I cut 2 copies and stuck them together with some wet glue so I had a few seconds to slide them into place. I cut 2 pieces to give me a deeper empression when I emboss:


Pic 2. This is the sandwhich I use in my big shot, one cutting plate – my cut file – my card for embossing – a tan embossing mat – my second cutting plate. If you don’t achieve a deep emboss add a shim (a piece of card) above your sandwhich and add a second if necessary, you should feel a certain amount of resistance in order to achieve a decent impression:


Pic 3. Experiment with different materials, you can achieve fantastic results with pearl, satin and mirror effect cardstocks:


Pic 4. I chose some white card for my card today, the embossing doesn’t photograph quite as well in white unfortunately but it is lovely in the flesh. I backed both my embossing panel and my sentiment with silver card:


Pic 5. Here is my completed card, I kept the layout quite simple so I didn’t cover too much of my embossing, I added some lace and ribbon to the middle and finished the corners with some pearls:


Here’s your Free Cut File – Formats include ai, dxf, gsd, mtc, pdf, studio & svg:
(click on the link below the image to download)

Swirly Backgrounds 1 by Bird

Swirly Backgrounds 1 Digital Cutting File by Bird


Special Day Circle Digital Cutting File by Bird

Snowflake Double Z Card

Good Evening!

I have a Snowflake Double Z card for you today, it comes in 2 parts in order to make it a decent sized card (mine is just under 6 inches) so I thought I’d show how I put it together in case it isn’t obvious :)I went way out of my comfort zone with today’s colour scheme, I tend to gravitate towards whites, blues and aquas for anything snowflake-y but you have to challenge yourself sometimes! I did sneak in the obligatory bit of glitter though ;)

Pic 1. These are all of the pieces needed for the card, I picked some kraft card for my card base pieces, some patterned papers for the outside and inside layers and glitter card for my snowflake pieces:

snowflake double z 1

Pic 2. I folded along the perforated lines in the kraft card then added double sided tape around the edge of one of the square panels so I can overlap them to create my card base:

snowflake double z 2

Pic 3. Once the back panels were stuck together, I taped my inner patterned paper layer. I chose some paper that had a large area that I could write my message on:

snowflake double z 3

Pic 4. All of the other pieces are added to the front of the card, the rectangle pieces are placed either side of the opening as a backdrop to the snowflake detail:

snowflake double z 4

Pic 5. This is how the card looks when it is closed, I had added some Metal Embellishments to decorate the corners:

snowflake double z 5

Pic 6. This how the card looks when it is open:

snowflake double z 6

Here’s your Free Cut File – Formats include ai, dxf, gsd, mtc, pdf, studio & svg:
(click on the link below the image to download)

Snowflake Double Z Card by Bird

Snowflake Double Z Card Digital Cutting File by Bird