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Celtic Stencils

Good Morning Guys!

I’ve added a set of 9 Celtic themed Stencil SVGs and Storage Envelope to the Store. 5 of the designs echo the cards in the Celtic Charm Collection but there are 4 extra designs including a second Celtic Cross, a square Knotwork Frame and 2 Knotwork blocks:


These stencils can be cut from stencil material like Mylar or just from regular Acetate that you may already have in your stash or even plastic packaging.

I recommend using a thicker plastic for dry embossing (with your die cutting machines) or adhere 2 thinner stencils together to acheive a deeper emboss. I recommend using thinner plastics when you wish to ink through your stencil with a blending tool to acheive a crisper edge.

When you ink, paint, spray, paste or glitter through your stencil you may need to add a little repositionable adhesive to the underside of your Stencil to acheive crisp results and avoid leakage, I used Stick and Spray by Crafters Companion.

If you chose to cut all of your Stencils at the provided size you can store them in the Storage Envelope included in the collection:

There are so many fun and inspiring stencil techniques on the internet which I encourage you to take a look at but I thought I’d share a few of my favourites:


The Celtic Stencil SVG Collection will be on Special for the first week of sale at $1.99/£1.38, you can find it in my SVG Store here: Celtic Stencil SVG Collection

How to change Bendy Card Text – by request


I had a request on The Forum by Jule-Mama saying

Is it possible to make a little Tut for “foreign crafters”? What I mean? Well… in your last file there was the sentiment “seasons greetings”. But for us in germany or other countries it would be nice to replace it in a sentiment in german or other. Do you know, want I mean? Maybe you can show me/us, how to replace it.

I’ve done a quick video for you showing you how you can insert your own text, it could be for a sentiment in another language or a sentiment to suit a different occasion. I hope it is easy enough to follow :)


Digital Stamp Videos


Before I start I want to thank you all for being so supportive, I have had such lovely comments and emails after my last post, some of which reinforce exactly why I have been doing what I have been doing here and have really re-lit the fire underneath me. So, Thankyou! You guys are awesome!!

I have to apologise in advance that I am about to subject you to hearing my Westcountry accent in some videos now, lol!

I plucked up the courage to do some digi stamp videos while actually speaking at an audible volume. They are quite short but each show a different aspect of how I use my digis: preparing to print, changing the colour and adding text. I get so many questions regarding how I change the colour of my digis which I used to do in Photoshop but I know not many people have it so I sussed out a way to do it in Microsoft Word and I do it like this all of the time now. I hope these are clear enough and easy to follow for you, enjoy!