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Thanks to those of you who gave me the heads up about being featured in the current Issue of The Complete Cardmaking magazine, I had no idea my site was going to be mentioned so it was a complete surprise and without you lovely guys I never would have known! I ordered a copy and took a couple of sneaky photos:

Page 26: There were 4 different sites mentioned on page 26, I loved the way that my site was described as a ‘one-stop freebie website’, I thought that was pretty cool!

Complete Cardmaking Issue 46 Page 26

Page 27 Top: Kelly Dawkins made 2 cards using my freebies, the first one used the Holly Wreath digi and the Holly-days sentiment.

Complete Cardmaking Issue 46 Page 27 top

Page 27 Bottom: The second card Kelly made was an easel card which included my snowflake printable paper pack, the zigzag xmas tree and the winter wonderland sentiment.

Complete Cardmaking Issue 46 Page 27 bottom

The magazine comes with a CD of images and papers etc so I have something to play with too :)

17 Responses to “Complete Cardmaking Issue 46”

  • Diane says:

    Congratulations, what a lovely surprise for you, and very well deserved too! I recently opened a magazine and saw some of my work unexpectedly featured there, it made my day, so I can guess how you are feeling about it. Love all your files, enjoy the moment…

  • Tessa says:

    That’s exciting! However, they should be telling you that they feature you… I think that’s a real thing and they actually HAVE to!

  • sYLVIA says:

    So very well deserved! Keep up the good work, I just love your files and really appreciate all the free downloads.


  • Nicky says:

    Félicitations pour ce qui vous arrive ! vous le méritez amplement et jamais nous ne saurons vous remercier assez pour tout ce que vous partagez et offrez toute l’année !
    Cordialement de France,

  • Kelley_R says:

    Congrats on being featured! It seems a little odd they didn’t contact you as they had someone use your designs for publishing.

  • Carol w says:

    How thrilling, and I completely agree with their description. You’re not only a one-stop freebie place, but a one-stop LEARNING and INSPIRATION centre!

  • Candy says:

    Congrats Bird, you deserve it! ~Candy

  • DebraK in FL says:

    Very cool! Congrats! You are very appreciated!

  • Natasha Marr says:

    Congratulations on your feature, its very well deserved hun. hugs xnx

  • Janet Castle says:

    So happy for you….you certainly deserve it – CONGRATS!!!!!
    Paper Hugs,

  • diane says:

    Congrats Bird, you truly do deserve it. Now that you have the magazine I would contact them and ask for a free issue. Most magazines that publish anyone’s work give a free copy of the publication containing their work. They probably gave Kelly the free copy and just did not have an addy for you as you did not submit it for publication with your address, but I am sure they would be happy to comply. Great work as always dear and congratulations!

  • Michelle E says:

    It couldn’t have happened to a better person. Well done Bird, you truly deserve it. xx

  • linda says:

    What a nice surprise for you. Your blog is the best, no wonder you were featured. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

  • Karon H says:

    Congratulations on being featured!! So deserved and thank you for your fabulous freebies and your continued talent!

  • Annie says:

    Hi there :)
    You bring happiness where ever you go! I can’t stop admiring your generosity and the beauty of your files.

    Thank you. It is wonderful to be here and find surprises again and again. It’s well deserved publicity :) xx

  • Lucy says:

    Congratulations! Your work hugely deserves to be featured. I do find it amazing that the magazine would publish your work without contacting you :S

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