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  1. Alicia

    I was trying to cut the butterfly easel card for a friend who is having a birthday and she loves butterflies but the top layer is not transferring over correctly. I use Design Space and when I downloaded the file some of the little pieces are not attached and they are off to the side. I tried to attach but doesn’t work. Any help will gladly be appreciated.

    1. Bird Post author

      Apparently you need to use ‘attach’ in Design Space, maybe they’ll do an update to sort it soon :)

  2. Elaine

    Good Morning

    I just wanted to say that I think your designs are so beautiful and how lovely I think you are for sharing your designs freely. I have yet to download any but am hoping to do so in the not too distant future.

    Thank you.

    Elaine :o)

  3. Clara Klapec

    I stumbled upon your website through Pinterest and I love it! You are so talented and generous to share your beautiful designs freely. I don’t have a machine to cut the files but I hope to get one eventually and then I can create some of the lovely designs you’ve shared. Thank you so much for all your work!

  4. Serita Rivera

    I stumbled on your website and am eager to use your files with my Cricut Mini. Is this possible? I also installed the Cricut Craft Room. I don’t know how to import them to CCR.

    Please advice.


    P.S. Thank you for being so kind and freely sharing your files with us.

  5. Jude

    Hello Bird
    I have just spent a wonderful couple of hours looking at your site and OMG you are just so talented and so kind for sharing your files freely
    I have a brother scan and cut so I downloaded a couple of files to see how they would go and they worked brilliantly
    Thought I would download a couple more of your files couldn’t decide which ones I wanted the most so in the end I just had to add your site to my favorites so I will be back to vist
    Thank you

  6. Sandra

    Hi, your site it great and thanks for sharing all your free files. I have only just got my cameo so haven’t done too much with it yet but was wanting to know if you had any alphabet banners like the Mr & Mrs one that I could use for my nieces Wedding in Canada. I am in New Zealand so it is not possible to go over for the Wedding in July.

    Thank you

  7. James crowe

    I am such a huge admirer of you and your beautiful and creative work and talent!!! I was wondering if you did a sentimental edge card with the wording of thank you?

  8. christine

    hello, my last box mail will close soon, and now l have an other box mail.
    how do l do to have newsletter in new box mail of your nice site please ? l dont find where l must ask it.
    l thank you very much
    (excuse my bad english, l’m french)

  9. Tanja

    I love your desgins, especially these envelopes. Are you aware that your/this concept had been copied (slightly altered designs) by Lori Whitlock and even been sold by her through the Silhouette Design Store? They call it ‘gatefold cards’, if you enter ‘gatefold’ in the search area you’ll probably find it. I know it’s hard to protect your work. But this is so YOUR idea.
    You are amazing Bird, don’t give up designing just because others, even designers by themselves, can’t come up with something of their own.

  10. Jenn Ellis

    I think I’ve looked in every corner of the site and facebook and can’t for the life of me figure out a password for the cut files. What am I missing? lol

  11. Judith Deverson

    I have followed your blog for several years and never been disappointed with any of your cut files. They always line up perfectly and I will definitely be purchasing from your new collections when they become available.
    Wow! Been watching the teasers on YouTube and they are great!
    Good luck with this new venture, you are an amazing designer and deserve every success.

  12. Lyn

    I want to make your bedroom Diorama card for my granddaughter.
    I have cut it out but not sure how to assemble, does the card on the side close over the scene or stands as is please.

    Thanks so much for all your generosity I hope your new SVG site is going well

    1. Bird Post author

      No, the card front opens and closes like a regular card, that way it’s like a suprise when you open it :)
      I am hoping to make more Diorama Cards and now that I’ve got my video camera set up, next time I will make a video to help with the assembly and how it works :)

  13. Chris Matthews

    Due to my changing my email address I am missing out on seeing and keeping up to date on your new cutting files, please would it be possible for my details to be amended, I would greatly appreciate this. Many thanks

  14. Amanda

    Thank you for your generosity in sharing these files. I’m sure your kindness will be returned to you many times over.
    Your designs are beautiful and very inspiring.
    Once again, very many thanks :-)

  15. Karen Schlosser

    Thank you for sharing your files, it is truly appreciated. They are all just beautiful.
    i was wondering if it was possible to have the vintage teapot and vintage teacup (both located under the various folder) available in the Silhouette file format.

    Thanks again fora great website.

  16. elaine Hutchinson

    Thank you so much for sharing your files, I am newbie to crafts and your cards are so inspiring.
    Thank you

  17. Susan Wilson

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful cutting files ,I’m a beginner so am really excited to find your site . You are very talented X?????

  18. Lesa

    I just wanted to say “THANK YOU” so very much for the tutorials. I am very new to all of this, and it’s really hard to stay excited about this new venture when I cannot find the instructions. You have certainly redeemed my excitement with all of the wonderful shared information


  19. Sanet


    Tried to download the flower and leaf cutting files from 2011, unfortunately it seems like nothing before 16 June 2011 can be downloaded. Kindly let me know when this will be fixed, files after that dates is working perfectly.

    Thank you so much :)

  20. Sanet

    Hi Bird

    I was trying to download the free digital paper packs you have on the blog, gingham, all your older posts files (for paper) leads to a domain that is for sale. I was just wondering if this is intentional or if someone perhaps hacked your site links.

  21. Alan Pritchard

    Hello Bird,

    I can only re-iterate all the previous comments about your site. All of the files I have downloaded just work!
    Excited to put together your latest Xmas collection (sleigh, bag and Xmas trees) and decorate our main school dining room where I work. Love your approach to crafting and your superb youtube instructional videos.
    I’ve just listened to the podcast you made with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and found it very interesting.

    All the very best for your future projects.

    1. Bird Post author

      Wow Alan, what a nice thing to say, thank you so much!
      I’d love to see some pictures when you’re done, feel free to share any on my facebook page :)

  22. dawn hollis

    hi ive downloaded a cutting file as i thought but its a document
    can you reinburse me please think it was 4.50.
    cant find it on my computer anywere.
    regasrds dawn hollis

  23. Diane

    Thank you for sharing your awesome files! i’ve downloaded the swirly background, but my scan n cut 350 give me the error too complicated to cut. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  24. Lesia Cook

    Hello Bird, I only recently found your site and I am in total awe and excited that you are willing to share your talent with folks like me. Additionally, this is my first attempt at understanding how SVG files work so I have a question around assembly of the Ornate Frame card. I have all the pieces but can’t quite figure out how they go. I’ve managed to align the swirly frame and the outline or shadow but it doesn’t fit the card base the way I think it should. I cannot figure out what or how to make layer 1 fit …it doesn’t seem to fit anywhere. The insert works fine and the greeting is cute. BTW I didn’t make any changes to the sizes of the files so could that possibly be the problem? You may get this via email as well.

  25. Ann

    Hi bird I have downloaded the file for the game controller but I can’t find the svg for it so was wounding if you could point me in the right direction please. i love your files you are very talented. Cheers Ann


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