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26 thoughts on “FAQs

  1. Marlene

    On your cover card 20 i would like to know where to find the Birthday Wishes cut file. I can’t seem to find it. Love you cards.

  2. Millie Speck

    I just wanted to take time to thank you profusely for all the wonderful cards and digi stamps that you are so generous to give us. I don’t always remember to say thanks but I love your cards and ideas for cards. I haven’t made all of the ones that I have downloaded but that doesn’t mean I like them less LOL.

    Thank you again, Millie Speck

  3. ovealia

    I am trying to start using my scan and cut and when I try to register it reads: will not support bellsouth.net
    what can i do to make this work for me.

  4. nagajyothi


    i want some desigen form ur store for commerical purpose…pls let me know d details of that
    how to use


    1. Bonnie Hallowes

      I would also love to know how to get commercial access as I currently make for sale to friends, family and craft fairs although I may want to expand to a website later.

  5. Nuno


    First of all thank you very much for the wonderful designs you have here. I was blown away when I found them.

    I’m trying some out and I have a question that maybe you could help me with.
    I’m using the Brother Scan N Cut and I have no problem using your SVG files. Sometimes I open them first on Inkscape in case I need to change something, and then on Scan n cut canvas.
    Everything works fine but in some designs the machine cuts some of the more intricate parts twice. Usually this can be accomplished duplicating the lines of the design but I can´t seem to figure it out!?

    My question is: are some of your designs meant to cut twice?

    Thank you very much!

    1. Bird Post author

      No, they aren’t designed that way so I’m not sure why that would happen, is it trying to cut on both sides of the line instead of on the line if you know what I mean?

  6. Christina


    Just came across your blog and was wondering if there is anyway I can subscribe. Your detailed tutorials are exactly what I’ve been looking for.

  7. SaBrina

    Wonderful art! A wonderful spirit and kindness to share with us. Thank you so much. I am new to these type of file, when I get the hang of it I know these will make for beautiful cards. Again, thanks for your time, effort.

    1. Bird Post author

      Hi Maria!

      I’ve posted about this a few times recently:

      It will take me some time to complete but I am gradually moving my free cut files from my archive here on my blog over to my store. Don’t worry they will remain free!

      I’m adding my freebies to the store in bundles so they will be quick and easy to download. However, as I move them over I am just keeping the SVG versions so if there is something you would like in a different format then pop on up to the Free Cut File archive and snag it before it moves! The Halloween files are already in the free section of the store here and I will be moving the Christmas files over next, just so you know whats happening :)

      Supplying one format means that I can size each piece accordingly and sort the project into colour groups too, removing all of the guess work.

      Hope that helps :)

  8. Maria A

    I just found you on pintrest and you are amazing. I have a big shot that recently purchased a brother scan n cut 2 and am struggling makind my own files so your files will make using it fun again! I do favors for people and would like to know if there’s a license I could buy not to violate your policies?

  9. Lynda

    I can’t thank you enough for your free files. Your talent is exceptional and your files are beautiful. Your generosity is a blessing!

  10. Christine

    Hi I have just ordered some more of your extremely generous free SVG files but cant seen to check them out I have had the backgrounds downloads but not the rest I just wondered if you would be able to help me with this.
    I am new to the Brother scan n cut and wanted to try some free files
    thankyou Christine Tolfree

    1. Bird Post author

      Hi Christine, sorry that you were having issues accessing all of your downloads, we were actually working on this last night and hopefully the problem has been resolved so log back in to the store and grab your freebies :)

  11. Anne


    I would like to know if you can copy and scan files with coloured cartoon images for example Lalaloopsy..and cut it.

    Many Thanks

  12. Diane Allen

    Help. I love your free designs and have a few in my collection. I downloaded them when they were available in Studio/GSD. Because I have to run an old version of Studio, it doesn’t recognise SVG files. Is there an easy way of converting SVG files to use in old versions of Studio?


    Diane Allen

  13. Diane Allen

    Thanks for your reply. I don’t have the Designer Edition and won’t be buying it in the forseeable future. Will have to see if there is something else I can use instead.


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