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What are your Terms of use?

Any Free Design by Birds Cards is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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Cut Files

What are Cut Files and how do I use them?

Cut Files are designs that your Personal Electronic Cutting Machine will cut for you. I have a KnK Zing Cutting Machine but you may have one of the other brands on the market.

I know that not everyone has an electronic cutting machine so some of the simpler designs have been added to the template section of my site so that they may be cut out with scissors.

Do you have the format my machine/software uses?

I am not too familiar with exactly which formats each of the different machines use but I have added the formats that I have been asked for so you should find the one your machine uses is covered.

I currently supply ai, dxf, gsd, mtc, pdf, studio and svg formats.

Some of my older Cut Files don’t contain the .studio format but the gsd format can be opened in the Silhouette Studio software, similarly my older files don’t contain the mtc format but Make The Cut can import the svg format.

Will you be providing the .fcm file format for the Brother Scan n Cut?

At this time I won’t be offering the .fcm format but you can convert svgs into fcm files using the Scan n Cut Canvas software.

*For more help with the Brother Scan n Cut see below.

Why am I having trouble opening your cut files?

My Cut Files come in a .zip format, if you have difficulty when you try to open them you may not have the winzip software on your computer, you can find it free here (you can pick the 32 or 64 bit option which ever matches your computer).


Digital Stamps

What are Digital Stamps and how do I use them?

Digital Stamps are printable images which can be re-sized to suit your project then printed and paper pieced or coloured with pencils or markers.

I have some videos showing how I alter the size and colour of my Digital Stamps and add text to them using MS Word, click here if you would like to watch them.

(the same sizing & colouring processes can be applied to digi sentiments).

Why do I need to save the big versions of your Digis?

I prompt you to click on my Digital Stamps to expand them before saving to your computer as you will have a clearer image and get better results when you re-size it later. If you save a small version of an image and try to make it bigger later, your image may lose some quality.

If you have trouble seeing the ‘Save Image as’ option on my digis when you expand them, you may need to right click closer to the top of the image as for some reason clicking near the bottom of the images results in different menu options.


Paper Packs

What are Digital Paper Packs and how do I use them?

My Digital Paper Packs are Printable Papers that come in a pdf format that you can print directly from my site or save to your computer and print at your leisure.

If you have difficulty when you try to open a pdf you may not have a pdf reader on your computer, you can find one free here.


Other Questions

What should I do if my question isn’t listed here?

If you have a question which hasn’t been answered here you can email me at bird@birdscards.com or use my facebook page and I will either answer you directly, on my facebook page or add your question to the FAQ.



* written Jan/2015

I’ve had a whole host of questions regarding how to use my cut files with the Brother Scan n Cut over the last week or so, I’m guessing that some of you found one under your Tree on Christmas Morning you lucky things! I don’t have a Brother Scan n Cut machine but I will do my best to help.

To download my files you need to click on the link I provide and it should automatically download to your downloads folder. Go to your downloads folder to find the cut file folder then right click and ‘extract’ the zipped folder, open the unzipped folder and you will see all of the different formats.

To convert SVGs to the FCM format needed for the Brother Scan n Cut you will need to follow this link to Brother Scan n Cut Canvas: https://scanncutcanvas.brother.com/en

Canvas doesn’t seem to currently work on Firefox so you may need to use Internet Explorer or Google Chrome etc

Scan n Cut Canvas is an online program that will convert your cut files into the correct format. You will need to register to use it but it is very easy to use.

When Canvas opens, you will see a small icon that says ‘SVG’, click on this and an import box will open up. Click on Chose File then locate the file you wish to convert, the file name will show next to Chose File, click OK and the file will appear on the on-screen mat. You can now click on the blue download button and follow the instructions in the pop-up box to save the file to your USB Stick.

With some of my more intricate designs you may see a message saying that there are more than 300 parts to the design and that it can’t be downloaded. This shouldn’t be a problem, click on OK and you will see the design is on your mat. Now drag your mouse from one corner over the whole design to select it all, then right click and chose the ‘group’ option. You can now download this design.

If the file contains more than one design, 3 doilies for example, you can save each design individually if you wish by deleting the spare designs before downloading.

 As I said, I don’t have a Brother Scan n Cut but I hope this might help with some of your questions– Bird

11 thoughts on “FAQs

  1. Marlene

    On your cover card 20 i would like to know where to find the Birthday Wishes cut file. I can’t seem to find it. Love you cards.

  2. Millie Speck

    I just wanted to take time to thank you profusely for all the wonderful cards and digi stamps that you are so generous to give us. I don’t always remember to say thanks but I love your cards and ideas for cards. I haven’t made all of the ones that I have downloaded but that doesn’t mean I like them less LOL.

    Thank you again, Millie Speck

  3. ovealia

    I am trying to start using my scan and cut and when I try to register it reads: will not support bellsouth.net
    what can i do to make this work for me.

  4. nagajyothi


    i want some desigen form ur store for commerical purpose…pls let me know d details of that
    how to use


    1. Bonnie Hallowes

      I would also love to know how to get commercial access as I currently make for sale to friends, family and craft fairs although I may want to expand to a website later.

  5. Nuno


    First of all thank you very much for the wonderful designs you have here. I was blown away when I found them.

    I’m trying some out and I have a question that maybe you could help me with.
    I’m using the Brother Scan N Cut and I have no problem using your SVG files. Sometimes I open them first on Inkscape in case I need to change something, and then on Scan n cut canvas.
    Everything works fine but in some designs the machine cuts some of the more intricate parts twice. Usually this can be accomplished duplicating the lines of the design but I can´t seem to figure it out!?

    My question is: are some of your designs meant to cut twice?

    Thank you very much!

    1. Bird Post author

      No, they aren’t designed that way so I’m not sure why that would happen, is it trying to cut on both sides of the line instead of on the line if you know what I mean?

  6. Christina


    Just came across your blog and was wondering if there is anyway I can subscribe. Your detailed tutorials are exactly what I’ve been looking for.


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