Design Team Time – MTC only!

Hi Guys!

I have just posted my latest design team offering over at Team KnK if you’d like to have a look.

I used the new MTC PopUp Card Studio to make today’s card so unfortunately the free cut file is in the Make The Cut format only this time.

Clicky Here

7 thoughts on “Design Team Time – MTC only!

      1. Bird Post author

        but unfortunately you can’t export from mtc into other formats which is where I completed the design :(

        1. Sharon Sheridan

          I can export from MTC as SVG. Then bring it into SSDE. Maybe I am doing something different or have a different version of MTC. I love the way you did the Easter Egg.
          The card is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

          1. Bird Post author

            The MTC file is multi paged so I don’t think it works that simply but there are other reasons too which I will comment on in due course :)

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