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Before I start I want to thank you all for being so supportive, I have had such lovely comments and emails after my last post, some of which reinforce exactly why I have been doing what I have been doing here and have really re-lit the fire underneath me. So, Thankyou! You guys are awesome!!

I have to apologise in advance that I am about to subject you to hearing my Westcountry accent in some videos now, lol!

I plucked up the courage to do some digi stamp videos while actually speaking at an audible volume. They are quite short but each show a different aspect of how I use my digis: preparing to print, changing the colour and adding text. I get so many questions regarding how I change the colour of my digis which I used to do in Photoshop but I know not many people have it so I sussed out a way to do it in Microsoft Word and I do it like this all of the time now. I hope these are clear enough and easy to follow for you, enjoy!



44 thoughts on “Digital Stamp Videos

  1. Margo B

    THANK YOU for posting those videos. Especially the one about adding text to an image has answered my biggest digi questions. Your information are clear and simple and they totally worked for me:)

  2. Lynne Armstrong

    GREAT videos…really clear and easy to follow. LOVE your accent lol…pleased you summoned up the courage to do the videos with voice, much easier than trying to follow words along the top or bottom!!
    Shame about that place editing your uploads :( The world would be a much nicer place if there were lots more people like you in it, not small minded, money orientated people like them!!
    All the best…and keep up the wonderful work :)

  3. Diane

    Thank you so much Bird! These were so helpful, I use Word and it is hard to find help with digitals in it. So many instructions are written for more complicated programs. I did know how to insert and recolor but the text insertion was totally new and I am so excited to know how to do it! Loved hearing your voice too. Thanks for all the help you give to all of us. You are a real inspiration.

  4. Amy c.

    Great video tutorials! You’ve opened up a new world of possibilities for me, especially with how to add text and being able to move the image to anywhere. Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!!! You are the best!

  5. Judy

    Thank you so much Bird for doing these videos. Loved hearing your lovely voice and how you presented the information in a clear and concise manner. I am delighted to learn how to combine text with an image and I know that I will use that technique often. I’m truly sorry to hear about the issues related to editing your uploaded images but hope that you will continue to share your creations and expertise with all of those who follow you.

  6. LUCY

    Brilliant videos – I love the fact that it’s possible to change the colour in word – I’d never worked out how to do that.

    I love your accent – I’m now trying to work out exactly where you’re from – I’m from South Devon.

    Keep your chin up and don’t let the nasty people on other websites get you down – we all love your work and think you’re amazing for sharing it for free.

    Lucy x

  7. Dee Hamoen

    These videos are inspiring! I did not think I could add text or colour the downloaded images, and now I know I can! I am going to try right now!!! Thanks so much and keep on doing what you are doing….we all really appreciate your hard work! I am new to your site and very excited to be here…thanks so much, Dee

  8. Kristine

    Absolutely fantastic!!! Love the accent btw :) Very informative, answers the big questions that most of us have about using digi images in a wonderfully demonstrated way…Awesome!!! THANKYOU :)

  9. jean B

    Thanks a lot for the instructional videos. There were great to watch and follow – I could do with you in my craft room to help me !!!

  10. txgrandma

    Great videos and I love hearing your accent. Thanks for your great work and I am glad you are back!

  11. Cinleeco

    Thank you so much for these videos and all the files. I have been trying to figure out how to do this with digis and now I have it. Love your site!

  12. Craftdee Donna

    I’ve just been around your site (downloaded a bunch of freebies, many thanks!) and followed your videos. I use digital images all the time, in fact I use Word all the time with my work and had never found out how to make Custom Themes, so thanks SO much for that too!! I’ll use that to death!! I have a hint (if you’d like it) for adding text to images: I insert a text box, edit within that then move the box around the page, if I have words with different fonts I make several text boxes (one per word, for example) then place them as I’d like to form a sentiment, Group them (Format tab) and move the whole sentiment as one object. It’s not much of a trick, I know, but I felt I wanted to give something back for all your generosity of time, Donna

    1. Bird Post author

      Oh wow!! I didn’t know I could do that, I’ll have to have a play. Thanks so much for your handy hint, I’m still very much learning myself and it’s great to get such help. When I master it I’ll have to update my video too.

  13. Dee Hamoen

    I just discovered your site and loved the videos. They are easy to follow and encouraged me to try these techniques. Thanks so much!

  14. Cassie

    I really enjoy your blog and I am very appreciative of the free files and images you share. THANK YOU. Now this video is a gold mine for me. I do all kinds of tricks using word when it comes to papercrafting, but you showed me something I NEEDED with the 2nd video. THANKS A MILLION!

  15. Michelle

    Well they say you learn something new every day and you have totally taught me something new today! I love these videos Bird. Thanks you so much and please keep up the good work. :-)

  16. Charlene M

    I don’t use Word while working with my digital images but always pick up hints for the programs I do use. Your videos are easy to follow, very clear and very well-done! Thank you so much for sharing and I second ‘Craftdee Donna’s’ tip if you haven’t tried it already. These are fabulous videos for anyone using Word!

  17. Hayley

    Thanks so mcuh for the fab video’s – always wanted to know how to do that!! And thanks for the amazing and generous freebie cut files and digistamps.. you rock!! Hayley

  18. Lilly

    I’m new to paper crafting and have just recently discovered your info. I would like to say an ENORMOUS thank you for your generosity and everything you put out there. The cut files and digistamps are brilliant and your videos are totally idiot-proof, which is exactly the right level for me! – Plus, I haven’t heard a west-country accent for years, and I just love yours!

    MANY MANY thanks and please keep up your inspiring work,
    Lilly XX

  19. GIGIGI30

    Someone suggested your website at the MTC Yahoo Group and all I can say is thank you very much. Especially the free files and the tutorials on how to resize the digi stamps. You just made my day!!

  20. Susan

    Love your blog! That means….love your videos, love your shares, love your comments, love your accent,….thanks for being so generous with your talent!

  21. Nancy

    Your videos are so helpful! You have also done a fantastic job with your presentation – short and concise. Thank you for taking the time to make these videos – you did an excellent job!

  22. cardhappy

    Awesome tutorials,thanks so much! I’m just starting to use digi stamps,so these are very,very helpful!

  23. Mary in Colorado

    thank you so much for these tutorials….I am a visual person and these made so much sense to me. have a good day.

  24. Barbara Brenneman

    Oh my gosh, am I a happy camper! Just found your site and these wonderful videos. Thank you so much for the tutorials.

  25. Lin M

    I just found your site today. You are so creative and so generous for providing all the information and even videos. You are an excellent teacher! I saw you have other videos I have bookmarked to watch later as I’m on my lunch time now. Thank you for sharing all this wonderful information.

  26. Nicky

    Merci mille fois pour tout ce que vous partagez. Grâce à vous j’apprends beaucoup, car même en me servant de Word tous les jours au bureau, le changement de couleurs me semblait limité.
    Merci pour ces vidéos, car même n’étant que très peu anglophone, le visuel m’a permis de comprendre et je vais de ce pas tester ! Merci aussi infiniment pour tous les fichiers de coupe, là aussi j’apprends à me servir de ma Silhouette.

  27. sharon

    I have been scrapping for 2 years and only now having investigated your website have learnt how to recolour digital stamps. Being a visual person I have to be shown step by step and your videos are perfect tools for learning. You have one of the best sites I know of for freebies for scrapbooking and making cards. Thank you so very very much for your generosity in allowing us to download and use them.

  28. Bev

    All I can say is you are amazing!!! The free cut files are fantastic and your video’s answered all my questions. Wish I had better words than thank you as that doesn’t seem enough for all your generosity.

  29. Donna

    Thanks Bird for sharing you’re knowledge.

    The videos were great (and I love the accent!!)

  30. sandie carter

    Thanks for the great directions. I have only viewed one (don’t want to overload my mind lol) and am thrilled to have learnt something new that I always wanted to know how to do. I feel like pro thanks to you.

    Thank you, thank you. thank you!!!

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