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Hi Guys!

I was inspired to try a Diorama card after reading brianna c1’s post on the MTC Forum and watching the video there, a Diorama card folds flat but when you open the card it pops up into a 3d box shape. I do love a card that moves or does something unexpected so this is right up my street. Of course I always have to complicate things even though I’d never made a Diorama card before, I added extra layers within the box area to form a scene.

My card was for a little girl who loves dancing and was having a bedroom makeover as part of her Birthday present including big fluffy rugs so that might explain why I designed the card as I did. Although I designed this card for a specific person, if any part of it can be of any use to you then you are very welcome to it :)

I cut my card from a sheet of A3 card and set the card height to approx 5.5 inches so it just fit on the sheet lengthways. I folded all of the score lines on my card then added each of the internal layers, attaching them by their folding side panels, starting with the front layer first working to the back. I cut each layer in a darker shade to add to the depth of scene and cut a panel of the darkest shade to glue to the back then used some strong tape to close the box area.

The card front:

card front


card inside 1

Close up of the inside:

card inside 2

Here’s your Free Cut File – Formats include ai, dxf, gsd, mtc, pdf, studio & svg:
(click on the link below the image to download)


Bedroom Diorama Digital Cutting File by Bird

33 thoughts on “Diorama Card 1

  1. Roxy

    Love the card, it is gorgeous and love the whole idea of the diorama. Thank you for sharing. Will have to have a go at designing something like this at some point.

  2. Trish

    Oh my goodness! This is a super fun card! I love all the pieces and will use them separately as well as on this diorama. I simply love dioramas, the idea of peeking into another world. Have you ever done one with animals? I have done it with fussy cutting and now I am thinking of one cut with the Silhouette, Hmmmmm!

  3. Ali

    You are amazing….Thank you so much for all the cards, envelopes and more you bring in my computer…I can’t miss your mail anymore.
    Thanks and happy summer
    Greetings Ali from Holland

  4. Trisha

    I can hardly believe all the detail you have included! It’s wonderful! Thank you for sharing this card and the files!!

  5. carol w

    Thank you for sharing this! I’m sure I’ll find use for the various shapes, but first and foremost, thank you for telling us about this fascinating concept for our cutting machines! You are such a treasure in our crafty community, always sharing not just great designs, but helpful tips and inspiring techniques!

  6. Bev

    The levels in darker hues, didn’t know that concept. I had noticed the depth, but didn’t realize how the levels darken until I read it. Thank you, for the file, but especially the tip.

  7. Paula Gale

    OMG – you never cease to amaze me – you must be a true technical whizz to know how something will fold up and how things will work out with each other – either that or you are super patient…

    Thank you for then sharing all your hard work with us – I can’t thank you enough.

    best wishes
    Paula x x x

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