Flower Envelope Style 3

Good Morning!

I have the third of my invitation envelope styles for you today so you’ll have today’s version, the flower gatefold envelope or the flower petal envelope to chose from. I don’t know what this style of envelope would be called but all of the corners meet in the middle where I have placed holes so you can pop in a ribbon to hold it closed.

As with all of my envelopes I used lightweight card which was 160gsm, I believe that would be the equivalent of approximately 60lbs in American paper weight but a heavy weight paper would probably work great too :)

envelope 3

Here’s your Free Cut File – Formats include ai, dxf, gsd, mtc, pdf, studio & svg:
(click on the link below the image to download)

Envelope 3 by Bird

Envelope 3 Digital Cutting File by Bird

edit – Carol from Extreme Cards informed me that this design is called a Blintz fold, thanks for that Carol! You’re a star :)

48 thoughts on “Flower Envelope Style 3

  1. LIZ

    Thank you for the joy you give me. It’s like Christmas morning each time you post some thing.

  2. jamie schnirch

    Thank you for yet another beautiful cutting file. I appreciate your talent and generosity.

  3. Lyn Nash

    what a beautiful envelope
    unfortunately winzip says it is a corrupt or archive file so I cannot open it. Not sure if it is a computere fault ???

    The flower design would make a beautiful back ground or border- have you already done so???!!!
    thanks for sharing all your lovely design

  4. Diane

    This one is stunning Bird, thank you so much. I made a card with your gatefold envie and posted it yesterday, everyone loves it, no surprise when it is your design. ~Diane You can see it here Thanks ~Diane

    1. Bird Post author

      You’re cards are gorgeous Diane! The colour is really striking and the way you’ve backed the envelopes to match is a clever touch too :) Thanks for sharing the link so I could take a look :)

  5. Beverly

    Goodness gracious, Bird! Yet another card and I haven’t made the beautiful banner yet. I love them all. Thank you, thank you, they are all gorgeous.

  6. Paula Gale

    Bird – this is simply beautiful.

    Thank you so much for the elegant files – they will look stunning for any ocassion.

    Paula x x x

  7. andreea

    What settings did you use for cutting this on 160 gsm paper? I can’t find the right setting for print paper, it always tears the paper a bit. Thank you! Big hug from Rome!

    1. Bird Post author

      I have a Zing and use the Make the cut software so my settings (height = 25 post it notes, force = 65, standard blade, offset .30, speed 10, one pass) would help you if you have one too. Also my card has a smooth coating, I’ve tried the same weight paper/card that has a more fibrous finish and that tore on me so it could be your paper not your settings :)

  8. Sofía

    Hola desde Colombia, tus diseños son increiblemente hermosos, gracias por compartirlos. tengo una máquina Pazzles, quisiera saber si los diseño hay que vectorizarlos antes de cortarlos, los tengo todos pero no se como pasarlos a mi máquina para cortarlos, me ayudas por favor? Gracias


    1. Bird Post author

      I have had a look on google for you and it looks like pazzles can open AI files and I include one in every folder so hopefully that will work for you :)

  9. Courtney

    This file is amazing. Bird, you are super awesome and one fantastic lady. Thank-you so much for all the lovely files you share with all us crafters. You are a real blessing to us all. I hope God blesses you in return. Courtney

  10. michelle

    HELP??? I save this file to my computer and fairly new to this. When I upload the image to cut it in design space it separates all the lil cuts. How do I get it to not separate??? They are listed separately as individual cuts……

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