Framed Button Heart


I have a little helper staying with me at the moment, we’ve been making some crafty projects and doing some baking too, so I thought I’d share some of what we’ve been up to.

As a Bake Off fan, I picked Paul Hollywood’s Scone recipe and Merry Berry’s Banana Cake recipe for our afternoon of baking on Sunday, the Scones went down a treat with Strawberry Jam and Clotted Cream :)

Here’s what we made yesterday:

button heart picture

1. I started with this deep picture frame from Ikea
2. I measured the size of the square space inside the mount (approx 4.5″) then cut a heart shape from some card on my Zing to fit just inside.
3. I found some textured card stock to match the colour of the frame, I held the heart shaped card on top of it and drew around it lightly with a pencil.
4. We picked out lots of buttons in different shades of pink (to match a certain little girls bedroom) and glued them inside the pencil line.
5. We filled in any spaces with different sized gems in shades of pink.
6. I carefully rubbed out the pencil line with a rubber and placed the finished picture into the frame.

10 thoughts on “Framed Button Heart

  1. linda

    It is great to share your love of crafting with a little one. I have a 2 year old grandson and we also get crafty. It is never to young to get them started!

  2. denise

    I used to love crafting with my grand children when they were younger. sadly they are all grown up now BUT I now have a new great grandson and a new grand daughter is on the way to so there is hope yet. Happy Crafting

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