These files have been moved, you can find them here: Free Halloween SVGs

Although they have been moved to the store, they remain free of charge :)


17 thoughts on “Halloween

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  4. Jacqueline Papez

    You had some great images for Halloween….thank you.
    Not normally a big fan of Halloween for scrapbooking.

  5. Kat G

    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful files! SO generous of you, I can’t wait to make some things for my daughter and my friends!

  6. Marc

    Thank you for all the free files you are a real star i hope all the love ,generosity ,and kindness that you give and share with others so freely comes back to you a 1000000x over and that only good and great things come your way thankyou so much again big love marc


    Bonjour, j’adore tout ce que tu fais… tes motifs, tes cartes, toutes tes créations sont sublimes…un grand merci à toi…merci de partager avec nous toutes ta passion… Magali

  8. Suzanne

    I love your designs. They are so amazing and beautiful. You are so very kind to give them away.

    I would like to make the Spider Web Easel card for Halloween this year to send to my sisters. I am having a problem getting a shadow for the “Happy Halloween” words, using SCAL 4. How did you do that? Do you have an SVG file for that as well?

    Many thanks for your beautiful artwork . . . from Suzanne

    1. Bird Post author

      Sorry no I don’t have an SVG for the lettering because it was a font from my pc.

      I normally use Illustrator for my designing but you should be able to select your lettering then right click and chose ‘appearance’ then ‘add shadow layer’. I just tried it on ECAL and it worked ok. Hope you get it sorted :)

  9. Sandra Young

    Wow, amazing. I really appreciate what you are doing on this website. I love seeing what you do with your cards, boxes, etc! Thanks so much!


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