Frugal Challenge #1

Hi Guys!

So what’s a frugal challenge? I hear you ask, Well, I am going to set little cost effective challenges for myself from time to time and I promise to document them no matter how successful they are ;). One of the ideas is to use things in my crafting that might otherwise get thrown away such as packaging or using household items that we don’t typically think of as a crafting item in a project. Of course I welcome you to join in so if you have made a frugal discovery I would love to hear about it or see your project. Ok, so Easter has just finished and I am always left with a lovely Easter Egg box which I can never bear to throw away but also never get round to using, this year is different, I am making myself use it!

Here’s my box, It’s got some lovely swirly black details on the outside and the most glorious oh-so-bright pink patterned lining:

easter egg box

I saw this shape on the side of the box and thought it would make a great base for my sentiment:

easter egg box 2

I cut out the front 2 decorated sections and set aside, I turned the rest of the box inside out to use the colourful lining pattern. I alternated the directions of the pink stripes in each layer to help them stand out and not merge into each other and edged in black card. I die cut the piece shown above with a nestability and topped with another die cut circle of the pink side and added my sentiment which I cut in my Silhouette. I dug out some matching hot pink satin ribbon and added to my top panel before sticking down to my card then attached some pink gems to some of the black swirls to tie it all together.

bon voyage

I’m really pleased with how my card turned out as most of the materials were from the Easter Egg box itself, I needed to add very little from my stash and to think it might have ended up in the bin.

17 thoughts on “Frugal Challenge #1

  1. Caroline

    Gorgeous card I love your website and your generosity for sharing I have just made the wedding cake card and it has turned out lovely xx

  2. lachsekatze

    I love packaging that can be turned into something new! Your card is amazing.
    I’m always interested in learning about new ways to craft with stuff that was not designed for crafting.
    At Easter I got a pile of old pocket diaries from my father. Some are black and some are dark green, made of artificial (say: fake) leather and different other stuff.
    I promised to use at least half of them during the following year or to throw them away next Easter. I started to rip them apart and found some amazing useful materials inside. I started to use pieces of them for my cards. I’ll try to get the first cards online today or tomorrow.

  3. Jacq

    Wow! That’s one fantastic card and made mostly with a chocolate box! Well done! I always keep items that I think I could use elsewhere but never do so. Thanks for showing how it can be done, you’ve inspired me to have a go.

  4. Joan

    Thanks for sharing this idea, Bird. I hate to throw anything away that ‘could come in useful.’ LOL!!!

    Love Joan xx

  5. Heather

    Brilliant card bird. I just found your site a week ago and have been coming back almost every day to have another look around. I love to use packaging and other non craft items as well. Makes you feel real good to know you made some thing beautiful from some that would have gone in the bin.

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