Frugal Challenge 2 – Memo Board Card

Hello There!

It’s Frugal Challenge Time again and the item I’ve saved from going into the bin this time is some packaging material, it’s thin but dense and a bit spongy.


I often think about using this stuff as padding on a card but hadn’t come up with the right idea until now so, although my frugal item won’t be visible on my finished card, it will be a vital part of it. My idea was to make a Memo Board Card, basically scaling down a memo board using paper instead of fabric and attaching to the front of a card to add a personal message to the recipient.

memo board card

I cut my packaging material a tad smaller than a square of thin chipboard then covered with some gingham style paper to give it a fabric-y feel. I chose some ribbon that had a twill/webbing type quality to it which happily also has a stitched edge to give it an extra home spun feel and lay it across the panel, this was also attached to the back. I added some large brads to each ribbon intersection and closed them in tight to accentuate the padding then attached the whole panel to my card front. The last step was to add my message so I tucked Happy Birthday behind one of the ribbons and cut out the recipients name on my digital cutting machine and attached to some of the ribbons with little mini pegs.

So, no freebies for you today but I hope you enjoyed this idea, catcha next time :)

27 thoughts on “Frugal Challenge 2 – Memo Board Card

  1. Sandie B

    Fab Idea, I also save that thin spongie stuff, but never quite know what to do with it…Thanks for sharing your brilliant Idea and as always Thanks so much for sharing all of your files. :-)

  2. Jackie

    Great idea – I thought the same, what could I do with the stuff – good job one of us has brains, eh!

    Will try this one out – cheers :)

  3. Candy

    Brilliant! I love this idea. This would make an awesome card to accompany a teacher’s gift. Thank you for sharing!!

  4. Linda

    another great card thanks for sharing your talent with us, can I ask what you used for the name,

  5. Sue

    I love this card, all of it. I thought it was awesome then I saw the pegs on the letters. A very creative card. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Theresa B

    Great idea & Gorgeous as always!! I will be on the lookout for some of that foamy stuff, mmm now what can order, ha ha! Have a great day!!

  7. Marilou S

    Love this card…will be great to send to my daughter when she goes off to college! Thanks for sharing your ideas too!

  8. Missy G

    This is such a great idea! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful talents and files too!

  9. diane

    Thank you for the WONDERFUL designs you share with us, I love this one with the bees, it’s just perfect!
    thank you again!

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