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Just a heads up that Google have stopped anyone other than ‘Blogger’ blogs from using Google Friends as of a few days ago, I hope this hasn’t affected too many of you too. This sucks for me as I had just hit the 1000 followers mark and was really, really chuffed about that number. An awful lot of hours has gone into my blog and I looked upon my Google followers as an accomplishment of sorts and really appreciated every single one of them for following me.

Well it’s gone now but if any of you other WordPress bloggers can suggest a widget or plugin that I can use that does something similar I would be so grateful.

I’ll try to get back later with a new project :)

7 thoughts on “Google Friends

    1. Bird Post author

      Thank you so much Faith!!
      I was sad when I lost all of my google friends but as you can see I have taken your advice already, Thanks again :)

  1. Diane

    Hi Bird, I have a Google blog so I was not affected. I can tell you that I follow you through Google Reader and your posts are still appearing in my Reader and I am grateful for that!

  2. Diane

    This is really weird……I just read your post via my google reader feed on my iPad. I thought I would leave a message to let you know that it was ok….and the person before me had said exactly what I was going to say….and she has the same name!!!!

    (a different one!!)

  3. Candy

    I use the Linky followers button as well. The scoop is that Blogger will be getting rid of their “followers” tool in the near future. :-( I have been asking my followers to please link up using the linky follower.

  4. sue

    oh I have been trying to follow your blog but I can’t figure out how to do it, mines a google blog. I was hoping to follow in an email, any ideas?

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