Hello!!! – First Posted: Friday, August 14, 2009

Yay! I’ve got a website!! oops i mean…

Welcome to Bird’s Cards

I’ve been so inspired by some really talented crafters on the internet recently, so much so that i have to get in on the fun.

I’m not affiliated to, or a demonstrator for, any craft company, I’m just a crafter who enjoys card making as a hobby although the amount of time I’ve put into it lately has probably toppled it out of the hobby bracket and into the obsession one :D

I used to attempt to get some inspiration from craft shows on shopping channels but understandably their time for showing finished cards and examples are limited, let alone giving any tips so imagine how much of an eye opener finding card making tutorials on the internet has been. I have so many ideas for projects i can’t wait to get started on some of my own (if only i could sort out how to mount my camera) I hope to be able to start uploading some videos in the next few days.

I’m also going to be offering Free Digital Stamps, I’ve only just started to create them but I’ll pop up the ones that I’ve done already and will be popping others up as i create them. There will probably be at least one a week going up although it is likely to be more often in the beginning but I’ll add a link in the blog page when I do. I hope you’ll like them and look forward to seeing what you create with them. Also, I’ll be trying to do some slightly unusual images, for example, i often struggle with finding ideas for cards for the men in my family so I’ll be adding quite a few with that in mind. If there is anything in particular you would like to see added, give me a shout and I’ll see what I can do, remember I’m a beginner though :)

2 thoughts on “Hello!!! – First Posted: Friday, August 14, 2009

  1. denise

    Love your site. Thank you so much for posting your designs, artwork, talent and inspiration for everyone.

    I was wondering if you have any “nice” not “cutsie” angel images? I have a few dear seniors that would enjoy receiving beautiful angel cards. Thanks!

  2. Itty

    Just saying hi! I have loved almost every card you put up, and today I just got the urge to go all the way back to your first post and start working my way towards the present. (199 pages of posts to date, that’s impressive! ;) ) Can’t wait to see what you create next.

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