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Good Afternoon!

So, I went on a trip last week…down my stairs! We have lived in flats for so long that having stairs again has taken a bit of getting used to. I can’t have been watching my footing when I ran for the postman at the door, it was like a scene from Bambi with arms and legs going in all sorts of directions, I’m such a numpty! I’ve had some good news this morning when my x-ray results came back, nothing’s broken woohoo! I’ve still got a lovely limp so I’ll have some follow up checks on my knee but the bruises are disappearing and the other niggles are improving so it looks like I may have escaped anything too serious…phew!

Anyhoo onto today’s freebie, I have a Lace-y Border for you to accompany the Lace-y Frames from my last post and if you’re used to my cut files I bet you can guess the last part of the set which is coming soon ;)

As with the frames, I recommend a sharp-ish blade, a sticky-ish mat and some thin-ish card for more the intricate cut files.

hi lacey border card

Here’s your Free Cut File – Formats include ai, dxf, gsd, mtc, pdf, studio & svg:
(click on the link below the image to download)

Lacey Border 1 by Bird

Lacey Border 1 Digital Cutting File by Bird

42 thoughts on “Hi Lace-y Border

    1. Martha

      I am having trouble opening these files. They are in a Zip folder but everytime I try to open, it says can’t find this file. Any other ideas?

  1. Linda from Arizona

    So happy you didn’t break anything! I’ve been limping along for 3 months due to something wrong with my knee. I just hate going to doctors! The lacy border is so pretty. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  2. Diane

    Stunning card Bird. So sorry to hear you too a bad fall, hope you feel better quickly! Thank you for the beautiful cut file. ~Diane

  3. sharon

    Thank you for this border and matching lacy insert. You are very genersous to share with us.

  4. Faith A

    Oh! I’m sorry about your fall, did it myself a while ago, I expect you will be extra cautious for a while. Glad it wasn’t serious though.

    Haven’t visited for a while, but so glad I did today, this border is so beautiful. Thank you.

  5. Kay Sturgeon

    That is just delightful. I have been trying to do something similar but not managing. Think of a card front A6 with scalloped lace from close to the top left hand side to the bottom right hand side in an arc, with lattice fill in. This is still all a learning curve for me and I enjoy the challenge.

    I love all your posts and have been neglectful of late to let you know they are appreciated.
    Kay Sturgeon, Australia

  6. lorraine Ortiz

    Sorry to hear of your slip and fall on the stairs; hope you are recovering. Your designs today are wonderful and quite intricate. Thank you for sharing and speedy recovery!

  7. Serena

    So sorry about your fall. Sure hope you feel better soon. Thanks for the lovely files.

  8. Diane

    Just beautiful!
    I noticed the file is border1…….I really hope this means that there are lots more in the pipeline!

  9. cookiebaker

    Ouch! That sounds painful and reminds me of a few tumbles I’ve taken. Glad nothing is broken.

    Beautiful border and congrats on having your beautiful card featured on SCS FB page.

  10. Cely

    So so so sorry about the “unexpected” trip! wow…let me tell you…you were so lucky not to have broken or severed something. Another beautiful card this morning along with the border to match the other from the other day. Love you little extra stitching on you card….something I always love doing.

  11. Karon H

    This is stunning, Bird. Thank you so much. Glad you didn’t break any bones and hope the bruises heal quickly. have a great weekend.

  12. Michelle E

    Wow you are one lucky lady that you didn’t break anything, you must have strong bones. I hope everything eases up soon for you, especially your knee. I know how painful it can be when you try to walk with a bad knee. :-(

    Today’s card and lace file are absolutely stunning and I can’t wait to use this on my cards. Thanks a million Bird. xx

  13. Trish Reddick

    Oh my, Bird! i am so glad you didn’t break anything! I hope you feel better and better. And Thank you for this beautiful border. Take good card of your wonderful self.

  14. Paula Gale

    O M Geeeeeeeeeeeee

    What are you like? You must have been terrified – I hope you weren’t on your own – or at least were able to get help or get up quickly enough… can’t imagine what you felt like while you were mid-air!!! Glad nothing is broken – you’ll certainly feel ‘knocked up’ for a while (not in a crude sense btw)… I landed on my bum cheek once – OMG that hurt – I could swear the dint is still there (about 6 years later)!!!!

    Anyway – hope you improve more and more each day…

    Thanks for this lacey border – your card is stunning, so hope I can do it as much justice. Can’t wait to see what you do next!!!

    Thanks – and take care… (remember those stairs)!

    Paula x x x

  15. Trisha

    Oh, your card is beautiful!!! Love everything about it!! Thank you so much for sharing this border to go with the previous file…you are so good to us. I’m so glad you were not seriously injured. Do you need to put yellow & black caution tape on your stair treads? Lol!!

  16. Christine

    Hope you feel better soon. Pretty card (lovely bow!) and thanks for sharing your file too.

  17. carol w

    Oh dear! Accidents inside one’s own home seem to be especially unnerving, don’t they? Home is supposed to be our ‘safe place’ from the world, after all! Glad to hear you’re on the mend. Thank you very much for the gorgeous border and the handy tips on cutting it. Take care.

  18. Lenoria

    I am sorry to hear about your fall but glad nothing is broken! I hope the pain eases soon so you can enjoy being up and about. Thank you for all the wonderful cut files. I have used some lately for my first center step birthday card and my mother-in-law loved the card! I don’t create very often but you made my cards so much easier (and impressive)!

  19. Jo

    These are fabulous, thank you so much for sharing. Hope you feel better after your fall very soon.
    Kind regards
    Jo x

  20. Lisa T

    I’m so sorry to hear you fell! Hope you heal up quickly. Thanks so much for all your lovely cut files.

  21. Belinda Basson

    Hi There thanks so much for these wonderful cut files. I found you through Pinterest. Hope you recover from your “Bambi” moment soon, I think that description is just brilliant.

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