I have an Announcement and a Link

I have some great news to share today. You may remember that when I upgraded my cutting machine I opted for the Zing, well…I am now part of the Team KNK Design Team!

My first post went up today so if you’d like to check it out, to see what I’ve made and snag the free cut files I’ve posted, head on over to my Team KNK blog post. Feel free to have a browse around while you’re there and take a look at some of the wonderful projects that the other design team members have shared.

43 thoughts on “I have an Announcement and a Link

  1. Caryn S. (Scrapnsing)

    That is awesome for you! And so well deserved. I really enjoyed seeing your project today.

  2. Jean Keetch

    Great news, with your talent you will be showing them a thing or two … congratulations. Love the template.

  3. brianna_c1

    congratulations!!!!! you really deserve the recognition for your wonderful creations…best of luck on your new adventure…brianna_c1

  4. mad

    félicitations ! vous avez un très grand talent et j’aime beaucoup tout ce que vous faites et que vous partagez si généreusement !

  5. Michelle

    Congratulations Bird, this is fabulous news. I have just popped over to the site and downloaded your latest project. I also left a comment. Thank you for sharing. Best of luck for the future.

    Michelle E xx

  6. Darlene Ripley

    I agree that they are very lucky to have you on their team. I visit your page everyday! Love your free files and really appreciate you sharing them with us :)

  7. Doris

    Congratulations! Like the others have said, they are very lucky to have you join their team. You are so talented and will bring a lot of inspiration to even more people than you already do. Thank you for sharing your work with all of us! You’re awesome!!! ~ Doris

  8. Chad Youngblut

    Your first TeamKNK Project was a real hit! It looks fantastic. Thank you so much for joining TeamKNK. The whole idea behind TeamKNK is to help inspire others, and you work does exactly that!

  9. Rockey

    Congrats, you r so talented, they r lucky to have you. I alway look forward to your work. it puts a smile on my face every time.

  10. Deborah


    Congratulations! That is awesome for you. Your cut files are my favorite as you create some awesome work. Keep up the good work!

  11. norma

    congratulations on making the KNK team. I have a Zing also and couldn’t live without it! Wonderful machine and fabulous support from KNK and MTC.

  12. Carol

    This is such a fantastic accomplishment. I’m very happy for you and I know you will do them proud. Thanks as always for your generosity to all us crafter.

  13. Joan

    Congratulations, Bird. Very well deserved.

    Lovely card and cutting files. Thanks so much.

    Love Joan xx

  14. Misty

    Congratulations Bird! Beautiful beautiful Cupid Suspension Heart card! You inspired me so much, I made your card and posted it on my blog for you to see & also a link to your new design team KNK post. I’m so proud of it!! Thank you so much for sharing your fabulous creations. Also, I will be posting a cowboy Suspension card later today. You Really inspired me! Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!


  15. Diane

    Congratulations! About time someone snagged you! I am so happy for you and to be honest so happy for me too! I have been eyeing the KNK Zing, and I sure feel a lot more comfortable knowing that is the machine you work with! I can’t quite afford it yet, but when I do I am pretty sure this will be the one! I will pop over right now! ~Diane

  16. Liz O

    Congratulations!!! I truly love your cards, you are very generous, I just need to find time to dust the my ecutter and start creating with your files, you are very talented TFS and THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!!!!!!
    Have a wonderful wknd.

  17. Sheila

    Congratulations, you really deserve your place on the team. Many thanks for your lovely files and for all the hard work that you put into them and for your generosity in sharing.

  18. Paula

    WOW – that’s fantastic news Bird – I’m so happy for you. Not sure where you’re going to find the time though, but as they say; a busy personal will always find time to do a job…

    Would love to hear more about your machine – can’t wait to see what you’ve done, so that’s my next stop.

    Paula x x x

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