I Heart U – double gatefold

Good Afternoon!

I have another Valentines Card for you, there seem to be many names for this type of fold but I’ve picked double gatefold to describe it. The image you can see when the card is closed is I heart/love U but when you open the card you see that the design is actually made up of 2 separate designs which come together. It is quite a straight forward card fold but people do love to open and close it over and over so it’s likely to be well received.

I picked some paper from s.e.i for my card and added a white panel inside so my message would stand out when the card is closed then cut my small heart from some matching plain cardstock, easy peasy :)

Here is the card closed flat:

ihu double gatefold card

Here it is stood up:

ihu double gatefold card 2

And here is the card wide open:

ihu double gatefold card 3

Here’s your Free Cut File – Formats include ai, dxf, gsd, mtc, pdf, studio & svg:
(click on the link below the image to download)

I Heart U Double Gatefold Card by Bird

I Heart U Double Gatefold Card Digital Cutting File by Bird

30 thoughts on “I Heart U – double gatefold

  1. Linda from Arizona

    This card is so unique. Thanks for sharing this and all your many talents with us.

  2. JULIE

    Wow Bird! Do you ever rest? I’m glad you don’t cause I love all your stuff, but maybe you need to take a break every once in awhile.
    Love your stuff. Thank you so much!

  3. Deloris

    Another fabulous card! Love it!

    Thanks so much for all your hard work and for sharing your wonderful designs with us! It’s such a pleasure to visit your blog and see all the fun designs you make!

  4. Gaby

    So creative! Love it, that the phrase is readable when closed and when open.
    Great job!

    Thank you so much for sharing your work with us. I really appreciate that!

  5. Shelly Schmidt

    You are brilliant!!! I am always amazed at what you create, but this is amazing! Thanks for your generosity in sharing your time and talent : )

  6. Maureen G

    Gorgeous file Bird and thanks also for all the other lovely files you’ve shared with us…!!

  7. Beverly

    Yet again this morning, I called to my husband…….Bird made us another card. LOL It’s getting so I look for your email. Love it when I see it, because I just know you’ve sent us ANOTHER card file. Once again, thank you!!!

  8. Paula

    wow – this is brilliant Bird – I love it!!!

    I can see why you said people will want to open and close it over again! I would!

    Thank you so much

    Paula x x x

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