Intricate Cutting Tips


I get regular questions asking how I get a good cut on intricate designs so I thought I’d pop in to share what I had just sent to someone in an email. Here’s a few quick tips that help me to get a good cut on my Zing, you may have a different machine but it still might be helpful :)

Mat: My mat has to be pretty sticky to hold the paper/card nice and secure

Blade: Yes we need a fairly sharp blade but it doesn’t need to be brand new

Blade Exposure: Don’t have too much of your blade exposed as the blade snagging in the mat can cause tears, it feels weird to reduce the amount of exposed blade to get a better cut but it does work.

Material: The paper or card you use can play quite a big part, I normally use approx 160gsm for my most intricate cuts (approx 65lbs) which is kind of the middle ground between card and heavyweight paper but if it is fibrous with a rough feeling finish then it could rip and tear terribly, I like to use a very smooth coated card I find it works great for me (I’ve been using Xerox Colour Impressions 160gsm, I buy it in reams). Also if you can get hold of Worldwin Cutmates which is approx 65lbs, that cuts great too, I love that stuff and it comes in lots of colours too.

It’s a flying visit but I’ll be back with a new project shortly :)

14 thoughts on “Intricate Cutting Tips

  1. Becky Jo

    Thanks for the tips!

    I have found that I get good cuts, but when I scan to the computer the edges look jagged. I was going to change the blade again (fairly new one in), but now I’ll just try your tip of less blade exposure and see if that helps.

    I do use 65 lb. cardstock to do most of my cutting. Hugs!!

  2. bev

    Thank you for the information. I had no idea about the tears being caused by too much blade showing. You’re right, it does sound counter-intuitive.

  3. Linda Waslh

    Thanks so much for your tips. I think my paper is too thick. I’m using Stampin’ Up! at 80 lbs. I’ll have to use less weighted paper.

    Thanks again for your quick reply.

  4. Robbin

    Thanks for all the tips…..AND beautiful files!! You are the only person I have found that designs the beautiful, sophisticated designs. Thanks again!!

  5. Sue

    You also have to be aware of the climate. If your paper or card has any moisture in it this can cause snags and tears I’ve found. Thank you for the tips. x

  6. Robyn

    thanks for the tips. Yes I have found less blade depth, and sometimes slowing it down can help with more intricate cuts.

  7. Deserae

    Thank you so much for these tips …. definately going to give them a try! I have been battling with my Cameo for ages.

  8. Nicky

    Je fuis aussi le papier SU que je trouve trop fibré, même avec les dies fins, il ne passe pas dans la Big Shot. Il est génial pour l’embossage car il marque bien. C’est vrai qu’il est essentiel de trouver le bon papier.. d’essayer encore et encore.. et de noter ses réglages .. Merci pour tous vos conseils et surtout pour les magnifiques fichiers que vous nous offres tout le temps ! amitiés de France, Nicky

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