Mum / Mom Shaped Card

Good Morning!

It was Mothers Day here in the UK yesterday and today I have the card I gave to my Mum for you, I couldn’t share it any sooner as it would have been seen but it is also suitable for a Birthday card if Mothers Day was yesterday for you too. I remembered to add a ‘Mom’ version this time too in case that applies to you :)

I used the file in 3 slightly different ways to make 3 different cards as I couldn’t decide which one I would like the most so I made them all and decided which one I wanted to give to my Mum afterwards.


Card 1: I cut the card base in black then cut the front layer in white and glued it directly to the front of the card. I cut a white square just smaller than the card size for the inside back panel to help the front stand out.



Card 2: I chose some card which had a different finish on either side, it has a shimmer effect on one side and is completely matt and ensured that I cut the card so the shimmer side would be shown on the outside of the card. To create this card I lined up the front layer over the card base in my cutting software (MTC) then removed the outer most edge of the front layer leaving the cut out pieces on the card base itself.



Card 3: I cut the card base and 2 copies of the front layer in white. I glued pieces of coloured vellum behind one of the front layers then attached the other front layer to sandwich the vellum between the 2 layers. I added some lace and ribbon to the card then popped the vellum layer onto the card base with 3d foam pads.


I chose card 3 for my Mum and it went down well. We did notice that the card needs to be open quite far for it to stand up without tipping over as the bottom edge of the card base could benefit from being a little wider. I’m always learning new things while I design my cut files so I will have to bear this in mind when I attempt a card like this again.

Here are your Free Cut Files – Formats: ai, dxf, gsd, mtc, pdf, studio & svg:
(click on the link below the image to download)

Mum by Bird

Mum Digital Cutting File by Bird

Mom Digital Cutting File by Bird

Mom Digital Cutting File by Bird

32 thoughts on “Mum / Mom Shaped Card

  1. Wil

    Thank you for this file. Very nice. What’s the name of the alphabeth maybe i can renamed mom/mum in mam. In dutch it’s mam. So i’ll do it by mijself.

  2. Gaby

    It’s amazing, there is not a single thing you shared with us, that I didn’t like.
    Interesting how different ‘the same’ card can look just by using different colors or papers.
    Thank you so much for being so generous to share your work with us. I really appreciate that.

  3. carol w

    Thank you for explaining how you accomplished the different looks with this file! Your tips about how you used one cutting line or another help demystify the process.

  4. Jackie

    Fab card, thank you – cheered me up after a rotten day at work – still waiting for piccies of the craft room:)

  5. Kathy

    I also like the 3rd one the most! I am sure she loved it as it is beautiful! Thank you so very much!!

  6. Edna

    Wow, it is beautiful, but I cannot understand how you can make it in two color card, I have never experienced the cutting files.

  7. Michelle E

    Fantastic card Bird, thanks a million and thanks for the font too. I love your cards. :-)

    Michelle xx

  8. Yolanda R.

    All three cards are beautiful. I like the one you chose for your mom – but I really like the black and white one the best. It looked so classy.

  9. Mary in Colorado

    currently in Thailand, but will definitely download this one when I get home. this is wonderful as are all of your creations. hugs

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