My Terms of Use have changed

Good Morning!

After these recent events, I posted saying that my terms of use may have to change. I have always tried to make my terms as fair as possible but there’s always someone trying to take advantage and ruin things for everyone else. Unfortunately I am now forced to tighten my terms and take the more heavy handed approach that I have deliberately avoided all of these years.

I have chosen this version of the Creative Commons License which will apply from today onwards.

What it basically means is:

If you make cards etc for friends and family, nothing will change for you.
If you post your cards etc to a blog, appropriate credit would be something like a link to my site.
If you sell your cards etc, this license does not allow for any commercial uses.
however, I might be able to lift the commercial restrictions for you individually:
If, for example, you sell a few cards at a craft fair, school fete or have a box of cards on your desk at work etc, you can contact me and I’m sure we can sort something out :)

On the whole I don’t expect the new terms to effect many of you but if you aren’t sure about anything or have any questions feel free to contact me:

61 thoughts on “My Terms of Use have changed

  1. Pat Hall

    Thank you for the enormous gift that you have given us. I’m retired and like everyone else on strict budget. But to this point I’ve watch your growth over the years and think that you’re coming to the point to turn a profit for all the hard work that you do. Your files are worth money as are SVG Cuts are .So with that said ,if you ever decide to charge, I for one would pay.

    Love your work and generosity , Pat Hall

  2. Marcia hughes

    Hey Bird! I think your terms are more than reasonable and set out perfectly clearly! So now there should be no excuse for blatant theft as you have recently experienced by the Reeves. I love your work and def think you should start charging! I would also be happy to pay! Thanks for all you do for our crafting world. X

  3. Robin T.

    You are so kind and generous. You do what you need to do and we stand with you. Blessings. ;-}

  4. Janet Licari

    So sorry for your recent problems! Thank You for your generous sharing of your beautiful designs! You have such a talent. Thank You!

  5. Doreen

    Thank you for explaining your new terms, they are completely understandable after your recent problem

  6. Kristy

    So sorry it had to come to this for you. Your terms are more than reasonable and your generosity is greatly appreciated.

  7. Chris

    You are more than fair and have always been generous sharing your wonderful files. It is a shame that you had to deal with certain “people” but the rest of us are big fans!

  8. Jean Keetch

    Understandable under the circumstances and reasonable. I make cards for St. Francis Hospice and may sell them at their summer / christmas do’s … all profit to SFH and a few cards in the office (theres only twenty of us) … can I please still use your templates.

  9. Dana

    Thank again for your beautiful files! Terms of use are perfectly clear, so I hope that no one gives you any further problems. Have a great day! :0)

  10. Mrty

    Hi Bird…You are still the most generous person. To still be able to receive your beautiful work is a BLESSING. Hope people will HEAD your terms. God Bless

  11. Lyn Nash (Lyn from South Africa)

    thanks Bird,your terms are very clear and understandable. I have no problems with this, Lyn

  12. Diane

    Perfectly understandable under the circumstances Bird, too bad the Reeves had to put you in a position to do this. ~Diane

  13. Judy Leigh

    I am really sorry that you have had some problems with this issue. I for one always give you credit for any of your designs when I use them because I appreciate your generosity so much. Hope all will work out and love all your cut files.

  14. Dana

    Considering what has happened I don’t blame you at all. You’re still very generous. Thank you for everything you do and for your beautiful designs.

  15. Lynn (Spain)

    I hope these new terms work for you Bird, as the others have said, you are very generous with your designs and I really appreciate all that you give.

  16. pauline norbury

    Hi bird
    They sound reasonable to me. Hope it stops anything like that happening again. Xxxxx

  17. Sally

    Hi Bird, all perfectly clear and reasonable. Let’s hope you have no more theft of your ideas for gain by someone else.

  18. Manu

    Je vous suis depuis la France et je trouve tout à fait normal que vous protégiez votre travail.
    Merci beaucoup pour ce que vous nous offrez et bonne continuation

  19. Michelle

    Once again Bird you have shown so much generosity with these new terms and conditions. I sincerely hope you never have a bad experience such as you did lately. Thanks for all your hard work. x

  20. Tami B

    I subscribe to you via email & this is the first post I’ve received in months so I had a lot of catching up to do. I’m so sorry for all the trouble you’ve been having, and just wanted to say thank you for sharing your creations with us.

  21. Kellie

    Very straightforward and reasonable terms.
    I have no problem abiding them.
    All the best!

  22. marief

    Comment faire pour que les gens comprennent??? c’est tres malhonette de profiter de ce que vous donnez gratuitement, pour gagner de l’argent.Merci encore pour tous les partages.

  23. Lenoria

    I think these terms are very reasonable and actually a lot more lax than I would have probably been in your case. Thank you for sharing with us and I think you should let everyone know you have a “tip” jar if they would like to contribute to your designs and I wish I had a lot more money to send because your designs are worth a lot and even though I don’t create a lot when I do your designs always make a big impression and cut beautifully and I always put where I got the design from when I post it on my blog! Thank you again!!

  24. nadine54

    Bonjour, pour ma part j’utilise vos conceptions que pour ma famille et moi même ( anniversaire, mariage, baptême…..). Merci pour votre générosité. A bientôt Nadine

  25. nadine54

    Bonjour, pour ma part j’utilise vos conceptions que pour ma famille et moi même ( anniversaire, mariage, baptême…..). Merci pour votre générosité. A bientôt Nadine.

  26. Jeanette

    I hope with all my heart this gives you the legal protection you so rightly deserve. I love all the good work you do and I hate to see you taken advantge of.

  27. Kathy

    Your terms are perfectly straightforward and there should be no one who can find an ambiguity–and no one should want to find any loophole. You are more than generous with your beautiful designs. Thank you for sharing your designs with us. If I ever need to make cards for “my” profit, I will come to you for permission and payment. Thank you, again, for your beautiful work.

  28. Josie

    very reasonable and fair for us mild manner crafters…but I personally think it should be a little stricter for retailers that have a crooked mind and go around and sneak in the back door. Just me speaking my mind..Thank you for still having a kind heart and still willing sharing your amazing talent with us…

  29. Carmen M.

    Sounds fair to me. You have beautiful designs and should be given credit. Sorry you have had this happen to you it takes all kinds to make the world go around.

  30. Cathy D.

    So very fair! You are so wonderful and I love that you share your talent. So sorry that some have made you take a path you didn’t originally intend. But I hope that they have not caused a blemish on the joy that you get from creating and generously sharing. Your heart is too kind to have any blemishes!

  31. Maïté

    Je vous comprends parfaitement et suis désolée que vous ayez eu des ennuis .Beaucoup de trop personnes peu honnêtes … qui, de plus , ne se rendent pas compte du travail et du temps que vous prenez pour réaliser ces cadeaux que vous nous faîtes . Encore merci pour votre générosité

  32. Robin

    Thank you for your generosity. Your patterns are beautiful and I always enjoy seeing what you have created.

  33. helen rowen

    Hi Bird, I make cards which I then send to The Pahar Trust Nepal, who then sell them to raise funds. I do not make anything as it is the charity that sell them and not me personally. I try to be very careful about copywrites as I would hate for them to be in any trouble because of me, so I just want to check that this is still OK with you.

    Thanks so much for all you do for us. I was so sorry to hear of the recent problems you had and I fully understand that you need to tighten your terms. I do hope I will be able to use your designs still when making the cards for my charity but please be assured that if you say no, I will understand and abide by that decision.

    kindest regards, Helen

  34. Iris

    Considering what the Reeve’s did to you, I think your new terms are very reasonable, so there should be no excuse for anyone breaking them. Thank you again for all you do, I for one being a pensioner really appreciate your beautiful files and generosity.

  35. Glenda McLavy

    Dear Bird,
    I have been saddened to hear of your recent misfortune and the distress it has caused you. I have only recently discovered your blog and the beautiful cutting files which you have so generously given us all access to, they have enabled me to grow as a crafter and being a pensioner I am most grateful to you. I have started making cards to sell, some using your files and request your permission to continue doing so. I do this so that I can continue to craft, it is not a large number of cards that I sell as I live in a very rural area and only have access to village sales. Perhaps you might consider imposing a ‘joining fee’ which I for one would gladly pay.

    With kind regards, Glenda

  36. Paula Gale

    Oh Bird – this was absolutely necessary for you to do in light of recent events. You have to cover yourself so that events like that never happen to you again. completely shocking behaviour and very unacceptable.

    I know that should any genuine person – regular visitor to you blog (that actually stops by and thanks you for your files, rather than take and use commercially without a kiss my arse or thank you), you would not be unreasonable with them in coming to some arrangement. At the moment I’m not selling anything I do – I should get my finger out really!!, But should I be in that position in the future – of course I would be seeking your permission, rather than just going ahead and taking…

    You have done the right thing to protect yourself – and like you said, for the most of us, it doesn’t change a thing.


    Paula x x x

  37. Mary R.

    Firstly, I’d like to thank you, Bird, for posting freebies for us. Secondly, I think your terms are more than fair. I do wonder if you will consider selling a limited user commercial license?

  38. Danielle

    Just read your new terms of use… I think they are very reasonable. You are so incredibly generous with your work, recent events not withstanding, and I truly appreciate it!

  39. Jenny Martin

    Hi there! I just discovered your blog and I just wanted to say thank you for your generosity!
    It’s sad that there are people out there who take advantage and don’t give a damn! I hope it works out for you and you get compensated and some form of apology!

  40. Karen J

    You terms remain extraordinarily generous! Sad that you have to spell out what common sense and decency tell most people to do on their own. Thank you so much of all you sharing!

  41. Linda

    Hi Bird, Thank you for continuing to let us use your files for free. Your terms are still very generous.
    Although I save all your files, I havn’t used them on cards Ive sold so far. I sell very few, most are for family and friends Birthdays. That may change in the future and I will email you about them if I wish to sell them. Thank you once again. Linda xxx

  42. kelly

    As always you are a very generous and trusting person. Your terms and conditions are always fair. Its a shame some people have to abuse your generosity. There is a big difference to making a few cards to sell at a craft fair or online blog than going commercial as Ali Reeve did. I hope that you continue to allow us to use your files at craft fairs etc. I love cutting your files (have a stack of different ones ready for me to play with) but I have no problem throwing them away or paying you to be able to use them.
    It is always the kind people who get abused, chin up keep crafting
    Kelly x

  43. cAT

    Thanks for all the files you have generously put out there for us over the years. I’ve been a big fan of yours for quite a number of years and really appreciate your files. I’m sorry your files were used in a way that you didn’t intend or authorize and it really is a shame that they ruined the fun for everyone else. I do have one small suggestion, though. You might want to consider including a TOU text file with your downloads. If people download your files, they don’t have the excuse of not having the TOU as well.

  44. Robin

    No problem. I make things for personal giveaways such as birthdays, etc. Thanks for all your beautiful files. I’ve used a few and am totally inspired when I look through what I have from you. :)

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