New FAQ Section

Hi Guys!

I have been meaning to do an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section for a while now so, while my back is not letting me get any crafting done, I’ve made a start.

I do tend to get similar questions a lot so I hope this will be of some help. It is a little brief for now, I know, so if there are any other questions you may have or if anything needs a tad more explanation, just shout and I’ll see if I can help :)

The new FAQ page

3 thoughts on “New FAQ Section

  1. Myrna

    Thank you so much for posting your so easy to follow video tutorials!!!! I have a whole file of your digis and svg and love them.
    I also have a file of yours called Mirror and when I looked at your site I see you have a card made with it. Did you cut it with the Cricut and if so did all the intricate little cuts cut well?
    Thanks so much for sharing your talent.

  2. Nancy

    You are very good at explaining things. This FAQ page should be a big help. Thank you. Hope you are in tip top shape soon.

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