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Picture Perfect

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The Picture Perfect SVG Collection is a set of homemade Shadow Boxes for you to make for yourselves or as gifts and you don't have to pop to the craft store for them! There are 2 square and 2 rectangle shadow boxes in a range of sizes up to 11 inches. 2 are photo frames, another has a dimensinal flower arrangement inside and the last one is a luminary/light box.

The Sailboat Shadow Box Light is vellum backed to allow the scene inside to be lit up with an electronic light. Inside is a layered scene of a little boy at the beach with his Sailboat which looks great during the day but even better at night.

The Rectangle Shadow Box Photo Frame has 3 aperture shapes to chose from, ovals as shown and also hearts or rounded squares. This one piece 5" x 7" photo frame is perfect for displaying photos of a couple so it would be a great Valentine, Engagement or Anniversary gift. Why not add a keepsake inside as I have?

The Large Square Shadow Box Photo Frame is 11 inches square! It comes with a large circle aperture insert and a label across the bottom of the frame. I have added the words 'Our Family' but you could stamp, cut or write any other wording for your label. This file comes with a flower arrangement but you could replace this with any family keepsakes you would like to display.

The Square Shadow Box Flower Frame is 6" x 6" Square, it is made from one piece of card to form the frame and comes with a wild rose arrangement to place inside. Why not group more than one together to form your own display?