Swing Card 2

Good Evening!

My bendy card was on the TV again today, Create and Craft had a Christmas Cameo program and there was the Seasons Greetings Bendy Card at the front of the examples again, this time it had it’s very own close-up!! I just had to take another sneaky pic, well, it would be rude not to :)

bendy card on tv again

Ok, enough of all that, lol.

You may or may not remember that some time ago I posted a Rectangle Swing Card, which is also known as a Flip Card or Flip Flop Card. Well today I have an oval version for you, it comes complete with 2 sets of matting layers so all that is left is to decide how to decorate each side of the oval section. This card goes together in no time at all and any card with a moving element is always popular with recipients.

My card was for a teenage boy so I chose some funky paper from S.E.I which has these bright green glazed dots all over it, I cut my happy birthday sentiment from some pearl card in a similar shade of green for the oval and cut the birthday boy’s name for the other side :)

swing card 2

Here’s your Free Cut File – Formats include ai, dxf, gsd, mtc, pdf, studio & svg:
(click on the link below the image to download)

swing card 2

Swing Card 2 Digital Cutting File by Bird

33 thoughts on “Swing Card 2

  1. Pauline purdum

    Oh goodness, I want to make this card and I have downloaded file, but I was trying to envision how it goes together. I am particularly “challenged” in that area. Wish you had a video! or an animated GIF showing it opening and closing. Feel kinda stupid here, since everyone seems to know. OK OK, just did a search and found a video here:
    so now all that remains is to say a BIG Huge Thank you!!!
    for this “and” “all” you do and share.

    1. Bird Post author

      Oh I’m sorry, I thought this style of card was well known, it’s difficult sometimes to know just how much information to give, I’ll have to get my video set up :)

  2. jogry blok

    Hi Bird,
    Thanks for this file, it is a long time ago I made these cards, the video helped me.

  3. mema

    Y’know Bird, I really think you should contact Create & Craft (unless they asked you for permission to use your card) – they are selling the machine, after all, and it wouldn’t hurt to 1. Give you credit for the card and 2. Give you some kind of reward. Okay, you don’t do it for gain – you are uber generous to all of us, and a huge thank you for that – BUT.. someone is earning big bucks, thanks in part to your file. There is at least one designer out there who used to design for Graphtec, appeared for them on C&C many times (and maybe still does, I don’t watch it any more) and now has her own e-shop and runs a business based on cutting files and merchandise. I am the world’s worst at promoting my own stuff ‘cos I always think it isn’t up to snuff but you could certainly do well as your files are quality. Just my opinion and tell me to mind my own if you don’t want to go there or are already dealing with it… but I think I would be a little bit miffed if I saw my files on TV with no credit given.. it is just plain courtesy to acknowledge the designer, especially as they didn’t ask you to be a contributor for them (like Joanna Sheen for instance, where she has a DT who make cards from her products). I hate to see exploitation – even though you have a super generous angel policy this is still a form of that.

    1. Bird Post author

      It is flattering to see one of my cards on TV especially to think that it is worthy of helping to promote the sale of a cutting machine. I haven’t been approached by anyone to check it was ok to use my files for promotion so to be honest it was a mixture of emotions but I’m trying to take the positives from it.
      I do allow people to make and sell cards using my files but as I haven’t specifically said that permission is needed for promotional purposes I guess they’ve not broken any rules or anything but it’s always nice to be asked isn’t it :)

      1. Paula Gale

        Hi Bird – I’ve mentioned this just on another comment to another one of your posts, but this wasn’t about selling the artwork – I think (and apologies if I’m wrong), that Hayley West did a shout out once asking regular users of the Cameo if they would submit their cards to be shown on the show. The person who made this card should have been the one to ask for permission (if indeed you feel it was needed) because if they have been submitted for that purpose, Hayley will, of course, assume it is ok to show on TV. I don’t think you have anything in your angel policy (I don’t even think you have an angel policy) preventing people submitting their work with your designs to such as C&C or other on-line galleries – but I do think that credit for the design should quite rightly have been given to you.

        The responsibility for that lies with the person who made the card and submitted it for being shown on the TV – they will have been watching the same program and probably got just as excited as you did when they saw the card. Pity they didn’t have the manners to a) ask you permission or b) let you know that it may possibly be shown – or even c) tell you that one of your designs that they made up was shown.

        This person quite obviously gets her files from here so it may well be in order to do a post on this matter – letting people know what you do and what you don’t expect. I would only imagine that, because you have such a relaxed ‘policy’ on the use of your files – i.e. go out and sell etc etc, that they may not have thought any more about telling or asking you.

        I hope you are still excited that someone chose to cut one of your files to show and not someone elses… does that help any lol???

        Hope this helps you to think about what you expect and don’t expect to happen with your files – but credit is the very least someone could have give – even a heads up that they had submitted it – therefore there was a possibility.

        big hugs

        Paula x x x

  4. Gillian Pearce

    I’m so glad your work is getting the recognition it deserves, assuming C and C are attributing it to you. If they’re not I think they should be! I totally agree with the previous commenter that “your files are quality”. I find them to be superior to a lot of files that are for sale in the Cameo store where the lines don’t meet properly or the grouping has been done badly or there are way too many points which makes editing impossible.
    Thanks, as always, for your expertise and generosity.

  5. Karla capo

    Thank you for sharing your talent and file. Can’t wait to try but like Pauline P. I’m challenged that way so off to check out the video she found. Thanks again!

    1. pauline

      Glad I am not alone In this. The video I watched gave me the basics on the idea, but Bird’s design is more sophisticated, in that she gave us cuts to apply, what puzzled me was the 4 squarish pieces, but I concluded they would be glued onto the base card if patterned paper were used as applique to card so it has background outlining the patterned paper. Not sure I am explaining it very well. Think I will just have to play with the pieces.

      1. Bird Post author

        Yes, that’s right, I have given oval layers to add to the center parts of the card base and all of the other parts are layers for the surrounding area of the card if you wish to add patterned paper to the whole card base.

        I try to give you as many options as possible and I apologise if it gets confusing :)

  6. carol w

    Thanks for the great flip card file! And I share your excitement at seeing “just something I made” on TV. :-) Some good points have been raised about proper credit — I am often awed by your generosity and wouldn’t want to see it taken for granted.

  7. Trisha

    Thank you for your continuing generosity. I’m glad your work is being featured, and I agree that some sort of acknowledgement is in order.

  8. Michelle E

    Thanks for the great file Bird and thanks to Pauline for the video link. Can I just say also Bird that I agree with mema that I feel your work should have been recognised and credit given to you by whoever was selling the die cutting machine on Create and Craft. I watched it one day when a lady (Carly) showed a card made using a stamped image by a designer and she gave full credit to the designer of the stamp even though the designer’s stamps where not being and are not sold by Create and Craft. x

  9. AFrenchAccent

    Thank you Bird for the file… I agree, they should have asked you permission to use it and should have mention you, or give your web address as a thank you. If I make a card that is inspired from somebody or use somebody file, I always mention it.

  10. Bev

    Another pat on the back for your wonderful creation. I agree with all the others, you should be receiving recognition. Your are such an inspiration to us. Thank you for another cute file. Everyone loves to receive a movable card.

  11. Carmen Lucero

    Thanks for your great files! You are uber generous!!


    Carmen L
    from MTC forum

  12. Barb

    You always have something wonderful for us! Thanks so much for sharing your hard work! Can’t wait to try it out!

  13. Paula Gale

    Great card Bird – never made a swing card but do look how they flip about.

    Thank you for this…

    Paula x x x

  14. Lynne Armstrong

    This is fabulous Bird. Even though I’m not papercrafting at present, I’ve added this to my list of things I want to make :) Love your files…and I agree with the other comments that your work should be credited when using your files for projects. Thanks so much for your generosity in sharing them with us.

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