This months Team KnK Post

Hey Guys!

My latest post has gone up over at Team KnK today, there’s no spoilers here so you’ll have to pop on over to The Team KnK design team blog to see what I’ve been up to and to snag the freebies that I’ve posted there.

I hope you like what you find :)

20 thoughts on “This months Team KnK Post

  1. Carole

    The card is exquisite. I can’t wait to try it. How did you learn to make the cut files? You’ve made it so easy to download too…you’re very generous to share your talent. Thanks so much. I will post back to you when I’ve created a card that’s posted on my blog. Thanks again!

    1. Bird Post author

      To make cut files I set myself a challenge to learn Adobe Illustrator but it can be done with the different versions of software that come with the cutting machines. There are also free design software out there I just don’t know what they are called sorry :)

  2. sandy evans

    Birdie, this is so gorgeous… i am wondering how big you made the flowers, for some reason they are downloading SO big. Thank you

    1. Bird Post author

      The flowers I cut were approx 3/4 of an inch, I did a few a tiny bit smaller at the top of the cake and a few a little bit bigger towards the bottom.

      1. Sandy Evans

        Thank you so much – you are truly amazing…and so generous to share your awesome talent

  3. Trish Reddick

    I just left you a message at Team KnK, but wanted to say again how much I appreciate you! Thank you for this generous and beautiful cut file!

  4. Nicole

    Bless your heart Bird you are always sharing such beautiful files for our KNK machines. I wanted to thank you and let you know I am a great fan of yours too. Keep up the great work girl!

  5. jay welker

    I want to thank you for sharing all of your wonderful cut files. This one came along at the right time for me. I just finished making my version. When I checked my stash of paper I found I didn’t have much white with texture and buying new paper wasn’t in my budget so I set about making substitutions. First I found a white glossy cardstock for the card base. I also used it for the cake stand. The only really textured cardstock I had was a blue whitewash (the kind you sand and the color shows through), so I chose it for the swirl. I had a nice off-white pearlescent so I used that for the mat to the swirl and the crescent parts of the cake. I selected an extremely pale pink with a white swirly pattern for the cake background. I left out the inter mat because I didn’t have anything else in white or off-white. I substituted tracing paper for the velum. In assembling the card I added more layers to the flowers for fullness and stability. My card turned out very different from yours but I know the couple who are going to get this card will be thrilled. I want to thank you again for this and all your awe-inspiring cut files.

    1. Bird Post author

      Your card sounds great, our cards will always look different because we all have different craft supplies but that’s a good thing as they’ll all be originals :) I’m all for using up our existing stash rather than buying new, it sounds like you are doing a much better job at it than me though ;)

    2. Bird Post author

      Oh and using the gloss card for the cake stand was a genius idea, I bet it really looks like those lovely ceramic ones.

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