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I’ve been receiving emails asking where the button is on my blog for readers to make donations, well I’ve never had one as I have always given my designs freely but as the emails have continued I have decided to add a tip jar. Please do not feel as though you have to use it, but if you do, please know that it is very much appreciated and will help with my hosting costs.

I really do enjoy making all of the digital stamps, sentiments, templates, papers and I especially love creating cut files thanks to my lovely other half who surprised me with my first very own personal cutting machine for my Birthday. It makes me incredibly happy to think that my designs could be useful to others and it’s difficult to comprehend sometimes that something that I make here in the birdhouse might be used in different locations around the world. It makes me doubly happy to think that I might help with those of you who have limited craft budgets too.

Thanks for visiting my little corner of the blog world :)

– edit –

As I have more readers from America than any other country we have used Dollars as the default for PayPal. I’m sorry if this causes any confusion but I think you will need to enter a Dollar amount if you are being incredibly generous and considering to donate.

I did find a handy site for easy conversions here, you can use it to convert any currency into Dollars.

77 thoughts on “Tip Jar

  1. Jan Castle

    You are so very generous with your cut files…I’m only a ‘looker’ as I do not have the type of machine necessary to use cut file, BUT,I have to say how very much I enjoy the looking!!!! Thank you!
    Paper Hugs,

  2. Marcia HUghes

    Hi Bird, I love your designs and have used lots of the digi stamps! I am now the proud owner of a Silhouette Cameo so have started downloading some of your cut files – they’re great! I too would like to donate as I find your designs great and very useful. Please can you tell me how I can make a donation through paypal?? Thanks a lot for all your hard work, it is very much appreciated ….Marcia

  3. Janet K.

    You are the first crafter to whom I have given a donation. Thanks for all the beautiful files. I have a cameo and MTC and I love that I can download both. You are very talented and very generous.

  4. Lenoria

    Hi Bird!
    I have downloaded several, and used a few, of your cut files and enjoy them tremendously!! I am sending you a little, but not nearly as much as I would like to and not nearly enough for all the work you put into these files! Thank you very much.

  5. Monica Soto

    Hi Bird!!!! I´m more than grateful for all your generosity. Down here in Costa Rica we have a group of crafters who have been abundantly benefited with all of your files. Thanks again
    PS. I love your new tip jar idea.

  6. Diane

    Thank you Bird, I love that you called it a tip jar too, great idea. I did not give a lot but I will give a little whenever I can and do it more frequently. I really do appreciate all your beautiful work! ~Diane

  7. HoAI

    Hello Bird, I’m your reader from Hong Kong. Thanks so much for your sharing =D
    I have no cutting machine, instead, I have a cutter. And I get so much fun from turning your digital artwork to a real card >3<

  8. Karen Zaccagnini

    I have to say thank you very much for so freely sharing your files with us! I really believe that your files are much more useful to me than the companies that sell svg files, because they are for ADULT pages and cards. I am using a Cricut with SCAL right now, but really hope to get a Cameo at some point to be able to really cut your intricately beautiful cards! I will definitely donate regularly!! Thank you very much!

  9. Caryl

    I totally agree with Karen, at last ‘grown up’ images and files and not cartoons. These are the most useable files on the net. I was so happy to donate but wish it could have been more, you are so generous and talented and I will continue to donate in the future.
    I’ve got a silhouette portrait at the mo but am waiting for my new cameo this week so I can go big ….BIG birdcage for the wall!!! x x

  10. Sandra

    Hi Bird, just left a tip for the great images and cut files you give us. Got a Silhouette Portrait for Christmas and have not stopped making cards for my Cancer Charity. Not very good with computers but learning is very easy with your cut files.

  11. Sandy Evans

    i would also love to donate when i can.. your files are amazing.. but i can’t seem to figure out how to download your bee sentiments.. can you tell me how to down load the bee sentiments? Thanks so much

  12. Tina toney

    Thank you very much for the wonderful cut files, drawings and sentiments. It’s so nice of you to share and I’m happy you have a tip jar. As a retired professional woodcarver and designer I know the time and effort required for your work. Thank you again, tina

  13. Vicki K

    Hi Bird….thank you so much for the FREE files! I have a FREE file site myself and know how much work goes into these designs. That is one reason that I am writing. Please visit my website and download to your hearts content. I post both WPC and PDF files. I post WPC because I own a Pazzles and that is the file format that it needs. I post the pdf so that others who do not own the Pazzles can still use it in their software. So…enjoy: izzaboutchu.yolasite.com

    1. Bird Post author

      I’ve just been and checked and yes it is there. Thank you so much for being so incredibly generous :)

  14. Dolores

    Thank you so much for your generous designs. I’m very raw and new so the easy cutting files will be a huge help. I appreciate your efforts and time consuming posts and files VERY MUCH. I can’t find a paypal link! I would be happy to “tip” you. A good way to show appreciation.

    1. Bird Post author

      Oh sorry if it isn’t clear where the link is, it is the image of the tip jar itself, once you click on it you will be re-directed to paypal :)

  15. Octavia

    Thank you so much for all of the cut files and digi stamps. Your work is beautiful! A small token of my appreciation has been sent.

  16. bev

    Your work is beautiful and well worth a tip. My appreciation for your hard work is on its way for your 60th accordion card

  17. Gisele Normandeau


    I’ve given you a small donation. My first time doing this and this is not nearly enough for all your generosity. Thanks a million for all your free designs. Gisele

  18. Neva

    I wish I could give 100 times the amount I did, but that just isn’t possible. Anyway you will know I do appreciate all your files so freely given!! They are the best!!!

  19. Teresa

    OMG!! OMG!! OMG!! I just came across your site and I am in total LOVE!!! One of the groups that I belong to on Facebook mentioned you and I thought that I would check out your blog and site. This is the best site by far. You are so generous to share your cutting files and I really like the fact that you post a picture right next to the file showing how you used it. For a newbie like me with my Silhouette this is a big deal to me. I can not tell you how excited I am to have checked out your site. I am telling everyone I can to come and check you out and subscribe to your emails. Thank you so much for being so generous with your files. Once I master the Silhouette I plan on working with the digi stamps as I have never done that. I cant wait to see your future creations. Sincerely, your future “groupie” Teresa:)

    1. Bird Post author

      Oh I am glad you like what you’ve found here, I’ve been going for a little while now so I guess to new eyes there are quite a few files to catch up on, lol. I hope you enjoy using them :)

  20. Dani

    Thank you Thank you for all your amazing files. I am giving you a much deserved “tip”. So long as I can figure out how!!

  21. Viv

    Thank you so much for sharing your files. I have just purchased the cameo and love the fact that I can play so much thanks to you. Tip on the way.

  22. Ranjani

    Hi,dear EXTREMELY nice designs,u r very generous artist to give such works free! wish I can contribute ,other than appreciations & thanks! India costly to buy these things.used one OF design for card hand cutting! thankS ,God bless people like U

    1. Ranjani

      Hi,I am wonder struck looking at your EXTREMELY beautiful designs!! buying these eqp. for cutting I leave for next life time ! thnaks for being SO generous in giving freebees,used some designs by hand cutting & GIVE U full credit for the appreciations I got. Make some designs for few of us who can’t afford/get much craft equipments ?(India)

  23. Barbara

    Your cards/cutting files are so elegant and a cut above the rest (pun intended). I’ve helped with a charity organization in wrapping baskets for raffles this summer and have used a few of your files as part of the wrapping and received many complements. I’m new to card making. Since I’ve sent out a few, I’ve received a number of requests from family and friends to make cards for them. Many thanks for providing these files.

  24. maggiemay

    I am new to this site but find your designs wonderful I have downloaded several and must thank you very much, awesome. Silhouette user from England.
    Maggie May

  25. LESLEY

    It has been my pleasure to make a small donation towards your expenses- you have given me some wonderful ideas as well as the practical help of lots of lovely cutting files to start me off with my first cutting machine. I am having so much fun!
    Thank you for your hard work and generosity x

  26. Bird Post author

    Thank you everyone so much for being so very kind! Your tips are being used towards the ongoing hosting of the site and other associated costs and will help ensure the future of the blog. It truly is my pleasure the share what I do with you all, your comments are always so encouraging and mean a great deal to me so, Thank you!

  27. Robbin

    Beautiful designs!!! I am so excited to have access to your wonderful website. I was looking at svg files through Pinterest and found your link in that path. I have shared it with many of my gal pals that have cutting machines and use svg files. Thanks so much for your generous nature and for sharing your beautiful work. I too am happy to see your tip jar! Appreciate you here in the US!!!! Robbin Burris

  28. Karen

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for your generosity. As a new Cameo owner with no paper-cutting experience before I’m delighted to find so much inspiration on your site. You deserve many tips in your jar!

  29. Joyce D.

    Hi Bird:
    I Use your design and decided to donate a few dollars for your hard work. I am retired and on a fixed income but I love to make cards would like to sell mine but don’t know how to get started so I haven’t, thank you so for the beautiful svg files you make. Would like to make a svg file of my Logo but I don’t know how to get started. I have a ecraft cutter and an ebosser but it does get expensive buying the cutting dies. I limit that by using your cut files. Please keep up the good work you are realling inspiring. and I will donate when ever possible.

    Joyce D.

  30. Carol willis

    Hi Bird
    I’m new to your blog and have found so many files that I have downloaded. I have a new brother scan n cut machine. I downloaded your files and converted them on the brother site. It was so simple and I am in awe of both your skill and generosity. Thank you so much for sharing your hard work. I’m making a small donation for now, with hopefully a larger one after pay day as you more than deserve every penny.
    Caz x

  31. Vicki

    Bird — I am so happy to see your tip jar! I am happy to leave a tip, I only wish it could be more. I always felt guilty using your files with no way to compensate you except with words of thanks. You are so very generous. Thank you so very much for giving so freely of your amazing talent.

  32. Susielee55

    What a remarkable and generous lady you are. Have just discovered this website and having recently bought the Brother Scan n Cut am having great fun downloading some of the cutting files for future use. Have been more than happy to pop something in the tip jar and will certainly be doing so again and again. I am just so excited, thanks a million!

  33. jess

    I have just left you a little tip. I came across your page while looking for sentiments and then once I got my silhouette I have enjoyed all your cut files as well. I can’t thank you enough for all the free files. And I am sure I will send you more tips as I go along :)

  34. newbiecat

    Really wanted to thank you for helping me get my mojo back to get up and use my machine – very generous of you to freely share so many beautiful things ..
    now if I can just reach your standard of finish

  35. Jane

    I cannot thank you enough for the cutting files. They are absolutely amazing. :)

  36. Beverly

    I’ve just made a small donation to your tip jar and wanted you to know how much I enjoy the files you share. I have used several and am really pleased with the finished products.

  37. Donna Toledo

    Thank you so much for your generosity and lovely, lovely samples, cut files and digi downloads. You are truly talented and amazing! I am happy to make a donation and will continue to do so again from time to time. You certainly deserve any “tips” you receive for your generosity, time and incredible talent.

  38. Diana

    I love your files – thank you so much! I did donate as much as I could this trip to your site and will continue each time I visit and download. You are so very talented and very generous as well! This makes hobbies affordable. I only wish I could have sent more. Your files are so organized and love that you put samples with them.

  39. Iris

    Thank you for all the lovely files you make, and the time you devote producing them.
    I’m sending a little something, not much I know but being an OAP there’s not alot of spare cash around.LOL
    Everyone of my friends and family who receive my cards, are absolutely blown away by your creations.

  40. Wanda

    I wish I would of known about your site before I subscribed to the Silhouette Site as then I would be able to donate more money to you, as I think you have so much to offer.
    Thanks again for you kind gestures.

  41. Vivace

    Hi Bird! I love all your designs. Your are very talented and we are fortunate to generously share that talent. I too will be making use of your tip jar. I think I will plan it around my ordering of my SU products and then I know I will do it regularly. You deserve it. My thanks again.

  42. Linda

    Its a long time since Ive put anything in the tip jar, so just to thank you for your generosity, I have added a tip again today. thank you. Linda x

  43. Jayne

    Thank you for your beautiful files.Your generosity and talent is much appreciated.I have a craft robo and a brother scanNcut.I have converted several of your files to use with the scanNcut as it cuts deeper than the robo. Glad to donate as a thank you for the beautiful and original work you give freely.

  44. Eluned

    Thank you for your lovely cut files ,your are amazing so talented and generous. I have made a donation and will in the future as I use your files. God Bless

  45. wILMA

    Your craft files are lovely and I appreciate the time and commitment that these must take. I have been browsing for well over an hour and haven’t covered half of them! I managed to download a few and gladly gave a donation. Thank you again for your generosity in donating files so freely.

  46. pat

    thank you so much for sharing these designs
    i find that i only want to use these for my on use, they far to expensive if you are going to use them once.

  47. Rosetta Jenkins

    Hi Bird! I just made a small gift to you. Wish I can afford more. But when I can, I will. You are very precious to give us so many files for free. Thanks a million!

  48. Keisha Dorsey

    Hi Bird! Thanks so much for all of your free cut files. I’ve been wanting to make a coffin box for Halloween and found yours to try. Plus, I’ve downloaded all your background files because they make for great stencils. I made a small donation to support your great work!

  49. Rebecca S.

    Thank you so much for so generously sharing your talent and free files. They are truly appreciated!


    Hi Bird

    Your site has proved invaluable to me, as I have recently purchased a Cricut Explore machine, and your designs cut beautifully. Oh, to have a fraction of your talent!


  51. kATH

    You are one very talented lady and so generous too, I bought my Brother Scan N Cut a few months ago but not really done much with it, now that I have found your site I am sure that I will never be off my machine. I wish I lived next door to you ha ha. Kath

  52. Jackieb

    Thank you very much for your wonderful cut files. I used your step out card file for our Christmas cards this year.

  53. sandra

    Hi I have just discovered your site could anyone please help I want to know how do I download onto a memory stick as I have been bought the scan n cut for Christmas off my hubby , please help

  54. katherine

    Hi. I am new on this. Ive got my e clips machine and but I´m ready to play. Its my hobby. Im in love with your designs,but i dont know how to donate with my credit card because i dont have and i dont want a pay pal account. just let me know how can i donate through credit card. Thanks a bunch and God bless you. Thanks for sharing your bless and letting us enjoy this hobby.


    I just wanted to say thank you for all the lovely free downloads you have on your blog, it is so kind of you to do this.

    Joan x

  56. ckjmorg

    I am very new to using svg files and just want to say I can only imagine how much time you have into all these designs. THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you for all the work!!

  57. Cathy in USA

    Hi! I am so fortunate to have found you and your site! I just purchased a Silhouette Cameo and your files are perfect! As a few of your commenters have mentioned they can’t find the PAYPAL link, I too went searching and found it! ***EVERYONE**** the donation page is linked to the TIP JAR at he top of this page :-) I’ll be making mine! Thank you so much for your beautiful and creative designs!

  58. dawn from yorkshire

    thankyou so much for your beautiful designs, for your time and patience, and most of all for doing this all for free. I am on a limited budget but when someone does something like this then i believe we need to give a little something back. mines winging its way to you via paypal

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