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I just went to photograph my latest card and the battery on my Camera ran out, so while I wait for it to charge up I thought I’d share a project that I’ve previously posted over at Team KnK just in case you haven’t seen it but also to add it to my archives here.

I had a Birthday Card to make recently for one of my Neices who loves Butterflies. Well, Easel Cards are always a winner with any recipient and having a cutting machine means that I can make them any shape or size I like. So, today I have a Butterfly Easel Card to share :)

Pic 1. I cut the solid pieces in the cut file from some pink cardstock to form my card base, I then cut the detailed front layer from some lightweight white card:


Pic 2. Fold the larger of the solid pieces along the dashed lines as shown below:


Pic 3. Add some strong double sided tape or wet glue on the area demonstrated below only:


Pic 4. Attach your smaller solid piece ensuring that all of the edges are aligned to form your easel card base:


Pic 5. Attach your detailed layer by adding tape or glue to the body area only, this will allow you to bend the wings forward and add lots of dimension to your card:


Pic 6. You will need to add a stopper for your upright shape to rest against, I cut a basic banner shape and adhered it to the base with some 3D foam pads:


Pic 7. I decorated my finished card with some sparkles and before sending this card I personalised it by added the recipients name to the stopper banner:


Here is your Free Cut File – Formats: ai, dxf, gsd, mtc, pdf, studio & svg:
(click on the link below the image to download)

Butterfly Easel Card Digital Cutting File by Bird

Butterfly Easel Card Digital Cutting File by Bird

30 thoughts on “Butterfly Easel Card

  1. Gabi

    Thank you for your hard work. I love butterflies too and thanks for sharing!!
    Have a nice day!

  2. Kathleen Leffler

    I am trying to make your butterfly easel card today and when I bring it into design space the are tons of little flecks all over the left side. I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong or if the file imported correctly. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated as I want to make this for a friend with breast cancer.
    Thank you!

    1. Bird Post author

      I have no idea what that could be, I don’t have a cricut so I don’t use design space. I wish I could help but I don’t know what to suggest. Is it just this file you are having trouble with? Have you tried any of my other files and do they work ok?

      1. Neva Phillips

        Hi, I took the Butterfly Easel into MTC & joined the butterfly with the cut outs , I also joined the one with the scores in it. Then exported it to SVG & uploaded it to Design Space. That way all the spots are in the butterfly where they belong & the score is where it should be. Remember to attach them in DS so they stay together.

        1. Bird Post author

          Apparently you need to use ‘attach’ in Design Space, maybe they’ll do an update to sort it soon :)

  3. Connie Roskom

    I cant begin to tell you how happy I was to find your
    site! It’s like Christmas everyday! Your stuff is so cute
    and so unique! Thank you so much for everything you have shared!
    Take Care! :)

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  5. bridget gillings

    Hello Bird, this is so gorgeous, thank you so much for sharing, will be really lovely for my granddaughters birthday card. Bx

  6. Jan

    Beautiful, I really love your ideas! Not sure how you keep coming up with them but thanks so much for sharing!

  7. Dawn

    Beautiful! I can’t wait to cut this out. I’m not sure how I missed this one over at KNK. Thanks for posting here.

  8. Bobbie Czajka

    OH MY GOSH! (yes, I’m yelling) That is so adorable! I absolutely love it! Thank you for creating this file and sharing it with us.

  9. Suzi Metcalfe

    Such a fun one! I made an easel card last week for the first time in months. I was just waiting for this one! I’m in the easel card mood. Thank you!

  10. Bev

    I agree with everything Bobbi (4 above) wrote. This is beautiful, and you’re correct, everyone loves easel card. Thank for this beautiful file.

  11. Neva Phillips

    Hi, I was looking for a card to make just now & realized how many I have in my Birds Cards file!! I wanted to thank you for all of them I love them all & use them regularly. The new flower edge cards are great!!.
    There are some extra steps to take to get them into design space, I explained in the post about the butterfly easel card above. I always take this step for the score lines & any other cut outs in the files. I do not know why the cuts don’t go into design Space in place, but it’s an easy work around if you have MTC.
    It is not only Birds cards this happens with. The designers that sell their cards are fixing them somehow, but I love Birds best, and free is wonderful for me being on a limited income!!!

    1. Bird Post author

      Apparently you need to use ‘attach’ in Design Space, maybe they’ll do an update to sort it soon :)

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