Butterfly Pop-up Wing Card Freebie

Hi Guys!

I have a new freebie for you today, it is a butterfly card where the wings bend forward to give the card some fun dimension. There is also an envelope for the card in your download.

To assemble your card:

  1. Glue the patterned paper that surrounds the butterfly to the front of your card.
  2. Attach the butterfly to the front of your card by adding glue to just the body area.
  3. Glue the little body piece on top.
  4. Attach the square piece of paper to the reverse of the butterfly on the inside of the card ensuring not to add glue to the wing area.

The layers on the inside of the card help to counterbalance the detail on the front of the card and it’s a chance to use some more pretty patterned paper:

I hope you like today’s freebie and it will come in handy for you. We would love to see your version in our facebook group so feel free to join and share it with us :)

36 thoughts on “Butterfly Pop-up Wing Card Freebie

  1. Judy Parker

    awe thank you so much for such a beautiful butterfly and may 2018 bring you the peace of a butterflies flight….God Bless

  2. Lynden

    Thank You so very much for this – and every file you have offered and that I have – of yours! I appreciate your talents and gifts. ;-}

  3. Mary Diderich

    Thank you very much for sharing this card. I saw it earlier today and couldn’t get it off my mind. Glad I found it and you !! God bless and thanks again.

  4. Dee

    What glue do you use? I find the glue is either not sticky enough, or I get into a right mess with it and end up with adhesive all over the place.

    1. Bird Post author

      It’s called ‘Dries Clear’ by Art Glitter and there is a precision tip to use with it.
      If you do decide to try it I would say to shop around as the price varies quite a lot and most places don’t include the metal tip.
      I hope that helps :)
      – Bird

  5. Sandy

    Thank you so much for your beautiful Butterfly card. It’s amazing! I also just saw your post about your fiancé and I just wanted to express my sympathy for this great loss. Everyone heals at their own pace taking the time you need is important. I know I am a complete stranger but I’m sending my prayers and a virtual hug to strengthen you during your time of grief.

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