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Chilled to the Bone


The Chilled to the Bone SVG Collection is available in the Store now and as usual is on special with 36% off for the first week, here’s a little preview video of this years Halloween Party Pack:

The Skull theme starts with a Skull shaped bag, it can be used as a gift bag, a trick or treat loot bag or as a party bag to send your guests home with some party treats. The Skull themed Party Invite comes complete with a matching Skull detailed Envelope (a plain envelope can also be found in your kit as an alternative for mailing):

skull-bag   skull-party-invite

The ‘Brain Broth’ Bottle Label is designed to fit onto a Wine Bottle but can be scaled up to fit Fizzy Pop Bottles if desired. The Skull themed place cards can be used for the names of your guests or for giving your Halloween buffet some spooky names:

skull-bottle-label     skull-place-card

The Skull edged Doilies can be used with or without the black backing layer depending on the colour of your Dinner Plates and the Cupcake Wrappers are a must for any party:

skull-cupcake-wrapper     skull-doily

The Chilled to the Bone SVG Collection will be on Special for the first week of sale, you can find it in my SVG Store here: Chilled to the Bone SVG Collection

Chilled to the Bone Sneaky Peek


Here’s a sneaky peek at the Skull Bag from the upcoming Chilled to the Bone SVG Collection. This bag can be used as a gift bag, as a bag to go trick or treating with to collect all of your candy or as a party bag to send home with your party guests.


As usual, I have this sneak peek on facebook and 3 people who like, comment on or share this post will win free copies of the collection when it is released, this is something I always do on the lead up to new kit releases so if you’re on facebook feel free to follow me there.

Spidey Party Pack

Hi Guys!

Spidey Party Pack

The Spidey SVG Party Pack is now available in the store. It includes 5 projects, a Favour Box, a Place Card, a Cupcake Wrapper and a Plate Doily. You can find the collection here along with assembly videos for the Favour Box and Place Card.

As a Mini Collection the regular price is $2.99 but it is on Special at just $1.99 for the first week.

Spidey Favour Box           Spidey Placecard

Spidey Cupake Wrapper           Spidey Plate Doily

Also, if you haven’t registered in the store yet remember that the Birdhouse SVG Collection is available FREE for everyone :)

Bird House Box         Bird House Card

The Bird Card         Bird Houses Card

You can find it here along with the assembly videos for all 5 projects in the collection!