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Simply the Best – Free Upgrade!

Hi Guys!

I have a Free Upgrade for you!

The Simply the Best SVG collection contains cards for some of the men in your life, the middle of the rosettes read: Best Dad, Best Bro or Best Son.


I have now added 8 brand new alternatives for the middle of the Rosettes to cover more family members and there are different spelling variations too.



It’s Mother’s Day here in the UK next month so these new sentiments would be perfect for that or even for your Mum’s Birthday:

Best Mum
Best Mom
Best Mam



Brothers were already covered in the collection but now there is a Sister option: Best Sis. There different variations for Dads/Granddads: Best Pop or Best Pap. There is a Grandmother version too: Best Nan. I also thought it would be fun to add Best Man too, it could be a novel way to ask someone to act as your Best Man at your Wedding or to thank them afterwards perhaps.

Here’s an image of all of the upgrades:

So, if you already own the Simply the Best collection, all you need to do is re-download it from your download list at the store and enjoy the new freebies :)

If you don’t own the Simply the Best collection yet, it is more useful as it covers more family members so it’s now better value!

Store 2nd Birthday Giveaway Winners

Hi Guys!

Sorry the announcement is later than planned, I have been busy studying for my car theory test and I’m happy to say that I passed. The next step is my practical which will take me a little longer but I would be over the moon if I could pass by Christmas, so here’s hoping :)

So, giving away the entire store is something I started last year and hope to repeat every year on the store’s birthday. It’s a thank you from me for all of the support you have given to me since I started Bird’s SVGs, I really appreciate it. I also really appreciate it every time you leave me a comment or make a suggestion and especially when you share a picture of your work, I love to see your projects. Thank you all so much, you are awesome :)

OK so, I have one overall winner to announce today who will win the entire store and I also have 5 runners-up to announce who will win a $10 coupon for the store. Unfortunately many people who were picked by hadn’t liked the BirdsSVGs facebook page and didn’t qualify to win, so I kept going until I found winners who all qualified, and they are:

The winner of the entire store is…Taliah Jayelee Robertson:

The winners of the $10 coupons to the store are…

Kate Minto:

Norma Pelletier:

Ph Lee:

Connie Ireland Holso:

and Nesma Sayeed-Khan:


Congratulations Guys!!!! If you could all pm on facebook or email me (, I will give you all of the details of your coupons. I hope you enjoy chosing your freebies and it would be lovely if you would share what you make in our Facebook Group, we’d love to see it :)

If you didn’t win today, maybe you’d like to share your birds svgs projects in our facebook group too as every month one project is picked at random to win a $10 store coupon :)



Helle has made a fantastically fun Rainbow Lei, pop on over to take a look and I would really appreciate you leaving Helle a message.

While you are there, if you have a little look in the comments section you will see a 50% off coupon code for the Club Tropicana collection that this Lei comes from. It is only for the next 48 hours though!

Clicky Here: