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Hello there!

I was recently invited to feature on Julie Fei-Fan Balzer‘s podcast, I was incredibly honoured that Julie asked me to participate and although I was extremely nervous I just had to accept.

If you aren’t aware of Julie’s work, she is a mixed media artist and teacher, Julie also has a range of craft products and is the spokesperson for the ScanNCut in the US as well as popping up on TV screens. All of that is probably just scratching the surface I wish I had half of Julie’s energy (and talent)!

So if you’re curious about who I am, what my real name is, how I got started in papercrafts and to see a rare photo of me check it out:


I’m aware that Halloween is over for this year but Nicky has some great Halloween Party Decor ideas for you to use in upcoming Halloween seasons including a fun extra large Tombstone using a cut file and a cardboard box.


Nicky has added a photo of her and her Husband’s costumes, they are so cool! Check it all out here:



A couple of things

As the store, Birds SVGs, has become busier we’ve noticed that our servers have been struggling with the amount of visits and it has been running slower. So, over the weekend I’ve been upgrading the server and the site should run much better from now on.

With security in mind we’ve improved the store further, you may have noticed the padlock symbol in the top left hand corner of the site. This padlock shows that when you log in to Birds SVGs, you are logging in to a ‘Secure Connection’.


Also if you were downloading all the freebies through the store and experienced any issues accessing a large quantity downloads, we worked on this for many hours last night and it has now been resolved. So, head on back and grab your freebies :)

In other news, I am hoping to finish designing my next kit today so you’ll start to see previews of this on facebook within the next few days.

…and finally, the last day for the special price on the Easter Egg Hunt collection is tomorrow (Wednesday) so if you’re planning an Easter Egg Hunt for the little ones in your life, this collection makes it really easy for you :)

A sneaky peek

Hi Guys!

I have a new kit in the works, I’ve been doing some test cuts today and thought I’d give you a little sneaky peek at what I’ve been up to this time.


I’m hoping to have the new collection ready for the weekend :)