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A sneaky peek

Hi Guys!

I have a new kit in the works, I’ve been doing some test cuts today and thought I’d give you a little sneaky peek at what I’ve been up to this time.


I’m hoping to have the new collection ready for the weekend :)

a quickie!


I’m popping in quickly to let you know that I finally got the the bottom of why the top of my store kept scrolling up/down and have managed to disable it so the website should be easier to use now and less ‘jumpy’. There are some more changes I’d like to make but as a novice of these kinds of things it is taking me a little time to get it just right but I will keep at it until I do!

I’m in the middle of my first Christmas Collection, I’ve been doing test cuts this weekend and thought I’d share a little sneaky peek with you:


Where are they going?


It will take me some time to complete but I am gradually moving my free cut files from my archive here on my blog over to my store. Don’t worry they will remain free!

I’m adding my freebies to the store in bundles so they will be quick and easy to download.  However, as I move them over I am just keeping the SVG versions so if there is something you would like in a different format then pop on up to the Free Cut File archive and snag it before it moves! The Halloween files are already in the free section of the store here and I will be moving the Christmas files over next, just so you know whats happening :)

I’ve been working on a new Halloween Party Pack, it’s a mini collection this time and it should be posted later today, if you are on facebook then feel free to follow my My facebook page as I give away free copies of new collections and give regular updates on there too as well as sneaky peeks ;)