Easter Egg Pillow Box

Good Afternoon!

I have a new freebie SVG for you today, a pillow box with an Easter egg cut-out design:

There are just 2 pieces to each box, the box itself and the egg design top layer. You can fit 2 boxes on a sheet of 12×12 cardstock so if you have a few to make it will be a breeze.

To assemble, glue the detail layer on top of your box then fold along the score lines and add some glue to the side tab to close, easy peasy :)

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6 thoughts on “Easter Egg Pillow Box

  1. Sharon

    Thank you so much! I’ve got some sweet “bunnies” to give these to on Easter Sunday! Thank you!

  2. Cora

    Thank you for the lovely little Easter box, and for the time and effort you put into creating and sharing it.

  3. Janelle Graham

    This is so helpful! I was looking for something like this for some last minute mini egg holders…and…found this! Thank you for being so generous. Lots of love and best wishes for a lovely Easter.

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