Flower Wreath Card

Good Evening!

Thank you so much for your continued support, I am still receiving such lovely messages letting me know that you are thinking of me and I appreciate every single one of you who has taken time to contact me or to leave me a comment. My work output has slowed down much more than I hoped but I am trying to turn this around, so, I thought I’d create a freebie for you today. It’s my way of saying Thank you :)

I’ve made a 5.5″ square card complete with envelope. It has a shaped aperture in the front so you can stamp your sentiment inside and it will show through the window. All you will need to make today’s card is some card, a sentiment stamp and some enamel dots/gems/pearls for the middle of the flowers:

Assembly: Glue the insert inside your card then stamp your sentiment through the window in the front of the card for perfect placement. Once you’ve stamped your sentiment you can now decorate the front of your card. Glue the wreath down to the front of your card ensuring to line it up with the inner edge of your aperture. Glue 5 flowers flat onto your wreath. Adding a small dot of glue in the middle of each flower, add your second layer of flowers and pop an enamel dot into the middle of each flower. Once the top layer of flowers is dry, you can bend their petals upwards to give your card some dimension.


My term of use have recently changed so you can now sell your cards and projects online, you can read about it here: https://www.birdscards.com/changes-to-the-terms-of-use/

38 thoughts on “Flower Wreath Card

  1. Debbie P

    Thank you for this beautiful card FREEBIE! Your files are always fantastic and stunning!

  2. Barb Link

    Thanks, Bird! It is so pretty!
    And just take your time in your grief journey! There is no fixed timeline… healing will come. Be patient with yourself.

  3. Mary Alice

    Thank you for the simple but beautiful design It’s perfect for a quick card on many occasions. Very nice of you to share your talents so freely

  4. Lora

    Thank you for this beautiful card.

    It is understandable about your work slowing down. You still have a lot on your plate and healing will come with time.

  5. Jeanette Block

    Thank you so much for this lovely freebie! Still thinking of you and wishing you well.

  6. Nicky

    Merci infiniment pour cette belle carte ! et bonne continuation à vous, il faut du temps au temps pour apaiser le coeur..
    Amitiés de France

  7. Sharon Field

    Thank you so very much for this sweet and simple card. It is so thoughtful of you to take the time and your exceptional talent to think of us. God bless…………

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  9. Mema

    Thank you for this lovely freebie, Bird. I have only just caught up with your blog due to illness, and saw your so sad news. My heart is with you and I hope that the passing of time will soften the pain of your loss.

  10. Trish

    Thank you for this fun file. I cut it and put together a card yesterday and can’t wait to mail to a friend. I send hugs and thanks! And a prayer for healing and comfort.

  11. Grace E Chura

    Thank you very much for this lovely design. Very useful for a number of occasions. Still thinking of you and praying for you.

  12. melody

    awwwwwwww — THANKS! I ♥ the little wreath! I know just the person I need to send this to.

    I hope you are having nice summer weather, even though your heart might still feel like winter… :(

  13. Pam Claeys

    I love this–thank you! I think you’re doing amazingly well, to be creating so soon after your loss. My husband of 38 years passed away at Christmas of 2014 and it’s been fairly recently that I’m able to start doing something “normal” again. My thoughts are with you.

  14. Suzi Johnson

    Thank you so much for this beautiful card SVG pattern. I am new to cutting cards and I found this card very easy to follow, download and cut. I love your work and certainly will be back to have a better look soon. Best wishes, Suzi

  15. Wendy

    Thank you for yet another freebie, you are always so very generous with your files. I hope things get better for you really soon. Please take care. Best wishes.

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